Red Dead Redemption 2 is depressing as all get out


I kind of agree with that assessment but I kind of enjoy it too. There’s something oddly nice about a game that’s very weirdly laid back and mundane a lot of the time.


It also has a VERY long tutorial section where you’re constantly having to do exactly as it tells you to. I’ve seen a lot of people frustrated that it takes so long to get to a point where you can just go off wherever and do what you want now.

And even when you DO get to that point, there are many many things still locked behind story missions so you won’t get the most out of the free roam unless you keep doing story missions.


Maybe it is meant to simulate what it is like to be an outlaw psychopath. Maybe they enter lots of situations with good or benign intentions, but have violence and impulse issues which lead to those interactions going in bad directions.


So it’s not as good as Breath of the Wild?


What has impressed me the most about RDR2 - as someone who not only hasn’t played it but has no interest, is how effectively the advertising has been targeted this time around.

I don’t watch television. I block most of the intrusive advertising online, and somewhat less effectively on my smartphone. But just about every blog I read has had one or more RDR2 “stories” every day or two for over a week. Every news feed I read on my phone has these “stories”. I’ve skipped every one until now, I guess that’s a testament to how much I enjoy BB. But now that I’ve read about it, my decision to avoid it seems apropos.

I buy a few old games every year, to play for the half hour of discretionary time I have at the end of the day. After I played Witcher 3, I started doing some targeted web searches to see what people decided to play after it (yeah, not much there). My only guess is that those searches lit me up as a target for the marketing databots.


R2D2? What?


I totally agree with you I will add that the missions that they have on your to that you have to get a set of requirement like the gold bronze and silver it’s kind of pointless as like you have to work so hard. just to basically earn an achievement throughout the missions and I feel like they should not have added that. it’s just have how ever you play the game however you want to play and basically I’ve been doing that and I’m only on chapter 4 and like you said I really don’t have no interest into playing fully through the chapters because plus I’m trying to do that. Also I have purchased the official guide book so I wanted to put you know it to the test to see if I can get it and it’s kind of like difficult so I play free aim and instead I have to switch to auto aim you know just to complete the challenges but you only get a trophy that’s silver which to me should be worth more.


I never understand these types of reviews. Going around killing people and looting the corpses is the whole point of this game and others like it. Getting distracted from the main story for hours on end exploring the map and doing silly things is also the point of this game and others like it. I remember spending days jumping out of helicopters trying to land on boats in GTA Vice City, just to name one example of many “games” I invented for myself while playing through the GTA series.


You think that’s depressing? Have you ever played Robotron 2084?

The robots…never…stop…coming…until…you…die. :disappointed:


This sounds a lot like FF15, but old westy.

Story is horrible and depressing. Beautiful open world that you’ll quickly tire of because of forced exposure through long travel times. Meaningless side quests that may or may not be fun. FF15 was one of the few games that I stopped playing and deleted right before I finished it. Just wasn’t worth wasting any more time on.

I love old west stuff, but this game sounds like a no-go.


Well that’s just like your opinion man


Highlights so far are the two KKK encounters I’ve had.

  • in the first, a new member lights themselves on fire while taking ‘the oath’ (or whatever) and dies
  • in the second, two (maybe new recruits) got themselves pinned while putting up a cross, and died.

They’re kinda standard Rockstar ‘edgy’ bits, but in the general drearyness of RDR2, they worked quite well for me as charlie chaplin style comedy interludes.

I’d also say that unless you pull a gun accidentaly, my encounters have been 60-40 in the nice/‘now I gotta shoot you’ split.

ps - don’t interrupt the guy fixing a horse’s horseshoe. The horse will run away but you can bring it back. If you interrupt the horse will kick and kill the guy.


Strange. Almost everything the OP dislikes about this game is something I enjoy about it. One wonders if the author has watched any of the classic epic westerns that this game is attempting to emulate. The slowness, bleakness, moral ambiguity, and anti-heroism are part of the DNA of the genre, and as far as I’m concerned, RDR2 captures the feel almost perfectly.


Excuse me, did you compose that post by mashing the word prediction button over and over?



Or get ignored, like persistent car alarms.


that was one of my two videogames, once i rolled it over and ended with 12 million + points.

the other one was tempest.


You still died. Everybody dies. :frowning:


Spot on take. Especially the Requiem for a Dream reference. As game progresses it gets more and more depresssing. It’s a sad story. Def worth a play though.

The game is also super frustrating. I’m usually a white hat in games but in RDR2 I’m like forced to be gray because its super clunky. At this point I can’t be bothered to reload a save because I have a bounty on my head from accidentally bumping into someone and not defusing in time.


Most encounters, even if you are working incredibly hard to be a nice guy and move through your world without too much violence, turn into murder.

I went to help a young journalist collect some research and ended up killing most of the people he needed me to interview. I also helped one of his subjects knock off a dozen bounty hunters.

Plot twist: it’s actually easy to play this without killing anyone, and you’re not supposed to kill any of the people you interview. @jlw Jason is just a psychopath but doesn’t know it.


Yep. I’ve killed the Trapper and a Postmaster accidentally several times. Damn itchy trigger.