Red Dead Redemption 2 is depressing as all get out


Red Dead Redemption is R2D, and this one is 2!


I just love this comment so much. It’s subtle yet effective.


I truly believe that the Houser brothers really decided that this is probably the last Rdr they will personally work on and they are at a point where they can make the game they wanted to make in the way they wanted to make it. If some people find it too slow then that is what Rdr online is for.


The Penny Arcade cartoon goes to the heart of all Rockstar games: they’re populated almost exclusively by arsehole NPCs*, which means the PC also has to be an arsehole if he has any hope of succeeding.

[* the rest being mopes who are inimitable in their haplessness]


I agree, the game is boring and being tied to a console was the deal breaker for me. I played for a couple days and went over to kingdom come Deliverance and am having a lot more fun in the 1400s than I did in the 1800s.


I’m so here for it.

I’m tired of the eternal sunshine outlook that so such American fiction pushes. Sometimes the world sucks and you get to suck with it. Maybe it’s a millennial pessimism thing, but I find acknowledging that refreshing.


Read the newspaper: then you’ll always be…well…not happy, but whatever it is you’re looking for.


So basically you were looking for

but what you got was


I’m really enjoying the lovely unscripted moments. Like how Arthur can be found just hanging out in nature at the beginning of each loaded game. Here’s what I was treated to last night opening up my save file

That’s some Frederic Remington shit right there, pardner.


I’ve been playing it.

There is greatness in it.

There is a lot of really just bad stuff that has no place in a AAA game.

Really it’s kind of exactly what I expect as the result of chronic overwork of 1000 people. They did a lot of work, but some of it was bad, and they probably couldn’t even tell what until it was too late.

It has, by far, the most believable evironment art I have ever seen. Flip to that cinematic camera and ride your horse and it’s often, even usually, just: wow.


This is only true with trail horses or ex-trail horses. Regular horses, if left on autopilot, would most likely stand around and not do much of anything, then wander a bit and eat grass.

Source: have had horses


You should check out the First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie then. Everything sucking is kind of a theme, but hey, you have to be realistic about these things.


Looks at mouse and keyboard… shakes head at the thought of playing an FPS with a controller. :smiley:

@jeffreyfisher I really enjoying playing Armed Assault 3, and frequently get distracted by the broad vistas and the sunlight dappling the ground through the leaves, and then getting shot because I’ve forgotten to keep my eyes peeled for those pesky OPFOR. Modern games really can be quite beautiful.


If you do help out (Food, medicine, ammunition) and help pay for camp improvements - they get a lot happier. Much like real people.


Ok, tell me more…

Ah, so pretty badly targeted then? :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s kinda my point there Timmo. Nearly every game isn’t every game and those that don’t are non-starters. How is that something you feel the need to respond negatively to? Also, inverting the Y axis is nice and all but I was talking about customizing the input and not just a single axis. But thanks for your response just the same. It’s nice to see a pointless negative post now and again.


Oh god, that’s not a good connection to make at all. RDR2 is, purely in my opinion of course, at least ten times the game FFXV is.

FFXV has terrible missions that are like the worst ones from the past twenty years of MMOs, bad combat and annoying cloying Japanese tropes plastered all over the place.

RDR2 has an insanely detailed world with comparatively deep systems backing up the simulation. Outside of the main, scripted story missions, there’s no end to the emergent gameplay options available to the player.

This piece is a bit of a downer on the game, and I can understand where Jason’s coming from, but it really deserves to be regarded alongside Witcher 3.
Don’t confuse the story being depressing with the game being bad.


This. One of my favorite aspects of video gaming. You, my friend, are an artist, and I mean that sincerely.


Red Dead Redemption 1 is Red Dead Revolver 2.


I’ve started the game but what with work and life and all haven’t made it that far in. I read a pretty interesting piece talking about the control scheme and relative lack of fast travel:

This subversion of player expectations and desires is thematically brilliant. This is a story set in 1899, after all. The world was slower then, before smartphones and app notifications had us looking into the screen in our palms. Rockstar didn’t just create photo-realistic setting and characters, it approximated, as much as video game of this kind ever has, the banality of real life. Less sexy events that other games might speed past—like grilling a piece of meat over a campfire or cleaning a rifle—require a level of attentiveness that one might expect to give to a set-piece gun battle.

Assuming that is indeed what the designers meant to do, I think there’s a delicate balance to be struck here–it’s obviously pretty easy to make the game controls so annoying that people just don’t bother playing. As I said, I haven’t got very far in the game yet, so I don’t know which side of the divide this game falls on for me, but I have to admit just the beauty of the images from the game make me excited to get back to it.


Thanks a Lot. I went home to play the game after your post and it stuck with me…there I am happly riding Fluffy my horse to help Dutch find a new place to hide out after we were forced to shoot up a the town we were living by and your story crept back into my consciousness. God Damnit, he was right, this is depressing as fuck.

So I went fishing