Red Dead Redemption 2 is depressing as all get out


It wasn’t a pointless negative comment, it was my response to a point from the original post which has been clarified for me in another comment. I thought he was complaining about the Y Axis and that he missed it could be inverted when what he was saying is he’s USED to that style of game and still found the controls difficult.

I thought you were seconding that it’s dumb you can’t customize the controls in RDR2 and wanted to make it clear to others the game does let you customize, as normal.

I read his statement the wrong way and have been corrected.


So you got tired of Westworld and went over to Medievalworld.

Never any love for Romanworld!


Why thank you! Another game I came up with was car riding rodeo, where I would jump on the roof of a car, fire off some shots to spook the driver, who would then start driving crazy fast and recklessly, to see how long I could stay on without being launched off the roof in all the mayhem. Bonus points for being able to pick off any pedestrians along the way. I called it “Surfy Blast.”


Yea that pretty much sums it up


There’s always On Parables.




No shit, throwing a lit stick of dynamite into a KKK meeting is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever been able to do in a video game.


Okay, may have to give it a chance then, because having been burned by the shitshow that was FF15 (after having loved pretty much all of the prior FF games I’d been exposed to), the idea of a giant open world with a meaningless and depressing story, coupled with endless travel for travel’s sake, and lame sidequests (constantly reminding me “I spent WHAT on this POS?”)…

I’ll probably be a late adopter and wait until I see what the grand jury pulls out of it’s ass for this game.


One last thing on red dead redemption 2: The first 2-3 hours are, so far (maybe 12 in) the worst part of the game. The snow is the most boring thing to look at and horse around in, the first fight highlights all the failings of their cover system, you might eventually learn to avoid shooting everything you try to talk to, the dialog even seems to get better…


Was it worth the human cost of development - the ruined lives, the shattered relationships, the stress, the early grave (in one case), the total lack of overtime pay?

Games can be engrossing and captivating. God knows I spent thousands of hours in simpler games like Mega Man Battle Network (3 - Blue, with the far superior FolderBack GigaChip).

The slow pace and long grind in RDR2 is deliberate, an anti-thesis to the Call of Juarezes of the world and the occasional Fistful of Frags. It’s possibly the largest-scale work of art created in the 22nd century.


is it really worth the cost, though?

Life is limited. Every second, every breath, every thought - a moment closer to death.

I won’t lambast people for how they spend their time. But I won’t force 'em to play a game, either. It’s their short life, and only the living get to choose how they spend it.



This is the very reason I told Assassin’s Creed to fuck off and uninstalled it. Tutorials are useless; that’s what save game is for dammit.


Robotron 2084 and Tempest, famously two of most difficult games of all time??? Respect!

( What do you do to relax, play Defender blindfolded? :wink: )


Kill all the people and see how long you can survive.,_Clean_it_Up!.txt&sortOrder=Sort+by+Date&characters=Burrell+Smith


what’s funny is that before i ran across tempest, defender had been my favorite game.


If the game moves too quick, you can always follow NPCs around all day.


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