Redactle is a fun game where you must guess a wikipedia article

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This might be my new favorite diversion. Frustrating, but oh so satisfying after my 53rd freaking guess.


Well, that was humiliating. 200 guesses to get enough to cheat and look up the answer.


I love this, but it’s super swingy. I’ve had things take upward of two hundred guesses to let me figure them out, and I’ve had others that I’ve solved in a handful of guesses.


Real frustrating, I’d worked out the general field of study today’s puzzle covered, but eventually caved and went searching for help.


Yeah, I’m finding this one much harder than the one that was up this morning. Have some of the fields and a few decent hits, but now I’m stumped.

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This is not a fun game.


I really am developing a love-hate relationship with this game. It’s the kind of thing you want around if you’re home recovering from a broken leg or something.


I’m not going anywhere near it for my own sanity.


I think this might be my favourite of all the *le games. The extra learning about a new wiki topic after solving is also a nice bonus.
I wish these solving games weren’t all named *le though.


Am I the only one who has stumbled into an unguessable word? I tried entering “past” in today’s (11/7/2022) puzzle, and it doesn’t show up as a guess. This happens in Chrome or Safari. Other similar words (“pest”, “pasta”, etc) are accepted. Very very weird.

There are a few words that seem to behave like that. It’s a mystery as to why.

From the code, there is a list of common words which I assume it ignores. (edited: confirmed that if the guess is a ‘common word’, it doesn’t process it.)

SPOILERS (not really)

Further Edit: I should have just looked at the info page:

Many common words are automatically revealed for your convenience. The list includes most English prepositions and articles. Guessing these words does not count toward your score.

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