"Show Full Post" button malfunctioning

Seems to be bringing up content from unrelated posts.


Ya, it was kinda fun when the content was very different from what was being commented on…

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I did wonder why the Pope wanted people to try prancercise instead of wasting their time on the internet…


Confirmed, @eviltrout will look at this first thing tomorrow.

I’m guessing that it is being caused by the title mashups…

I really doubt it, some voodoo is going on, profiler says its trying to do the GET request to the right place.

I forgot to wink… :wink:

Its like some sort of weird off-by-one error

This was super confusing as it was indeed fetching the correct URL.

It looks like Boing Boing is testing some different variations of pages and are including their full text content behind hidden CSS. So those articles would often get chosen instead of the correct content.

I blacklisted those variations and it seems to be working again.


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