Reddit mob threatens 16 year old girl coder with rape threats and abuse


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I hope people buy the **** out of that app.

ETA: Just purchased it myself. It is apparently doing quite well in sales. Hurray!


As a Redditor. . . .sigh. Apologies aren’t going to fix this, she deserves credit and recognition for her programming achievement. I kind of wish Reddit could force her accusers to buy the darn app for $20 a pop instead of $2. I wonder if they received any sort of recrimination?


there really is no… reddress


I was 13 when I started coding. Never mind the cavemen, Harshita Arora, and carry on!


Wow, just that first negative comment is so full of hidden male frustration and hatred on that guy’s part. What has this little prick ever achieved to be accepted into an MIT course? Nothing. He’s probably an unemployed 45 y/o who sits in his mother’s basement and can only dream of doing something like this. He probably couldn’t code his way to his postal address.


Another fedora wearing neckbearded dipshits acting like dipshits story.

If those idiots feel intimidated, maybe they should step up their own game instead of blaming others for their own personal shortcomings. They’re hurting themselves alot more than they can ever remotely do to her


This comment makes you sound like a much better person.


I can understand doubting a 16-year-old coding something like this…I thought only 13-15 year olds had that kind of time and focus.


That’s the bright side of the affair. She will at least be somewhat compensated in sympathy and publicity.


I have no desire to track crypto-currencies (in fact I wish they’d go away) but I would love an app that looks like that on my phone. Perhaps she can work on a weather app next. Or something to track my finances/budgeting.


JFC… I hate hoomans. She’s 16… if you honestly thought she was being fraudulent wouldn’t you discuss it in private with her? and not make public accusations.


At 16, this young woman is already way ahead of this pack of bitter losers on the path toward a fulfilling life.

Same here. The look-and-feel and UI/UX seem really clean and tight.


I’m sorry I can’t quite understand what you’re saying. Would you mind not mumbling into your fedora?


I just bought/paid for the app to support her, but didn’t download it. (I have no interest in crypto-currencies and limited storage on my ancient, low-end iphone.)

She also offers a set of crypto-currency themed message ‘stickers,’ if anyone wants to send her another $2.


The only surprising part of all this is that it hasn’t become, allegedly, about ethics in cryptocurrency journalism yet.

Same basic ‘asshole with a grudge fires up the dudebro signal where he knows it will receive due attention’ plotline.


WTF is wrong with people? I don’t even understand what the point is to challenging something like that. Are there people out there judging and questioning the origins of every app that comes out?


That’s at least 50% of redditors outside of the niche technical subs. They seem to think they are some kind of elite


Sometimes there’s just no doubt to give the benefit of. This is straight up misogynist bullshit.


If I had to guess it’s because it tracks crypto. There have actually been some scams that have cost people. Not that this is warranted by that… but add a big heaping helping of misogyny and rage that some one younger did something they didn’t… and there you go.