Reddit mob threatens 16 year old girl coder with rape threats and abuse


It has been my experience that the only way that I can enjoy Reddit is by blocking all of the “default” and high-volume subreddits, and unsubbing from ones as soon as they start to turn evil, which can happen very quickly because organized invasions from reactionary subreddits happen regularly. The Rick & Morty fan subreddit went from being an enjoyable and chill fan forum to a shrill cacophony of misogynistic, authoritarian self-exceptionalism, and toxic masculinity with a weird doublethink opinion that anybody who doesn’t sound smart enough is stupid, and anyone who sounds too smart is “autistic” or “a try-hard” or something similar.

If you avoid the high-traffic areas and stick to special interests, things can be pretty pleasant. It’s not that Reddit is literally full of asshole reactionary sociopaths, it’s that those asshole reactionary sociopaths are operating with far greater organization than most seem to realize, and they are doing their level best to become the dominant social presence on the site. Ten years ago, the site was nothing like it is now, but then the mass Digg exodus started and most of those people found themselves going to Reddit instead and the level of discourse was cut by a fair 3/4 basically overnight. During that exodus I actually had to delete my Reddit account because I was being harassed by a couple of people (you couldn’t block people yet). Their accounts were young, created within the dying months of Digg and they took specific exception to me asking how a comment about the appearance of a woman had anything to do with the fact that she’d won some prestigious award. I was immediately accused of “white knighting” and for the next two weeks I got a string of PMs that were nothing but abusive ranting and links to hardcore gay porn (which I guess was supposed to shock and/or gross me out, but I’m not really repulsed by the idea of dudes fucking, it’s just not my thing. I dislike dried fruit, but I don’t freak out when other people eat it and as far as I’m concerned the two things have about the same level of shock value) before I just decided that it wasn’t worth even having to ignore the messages and killed the account.

Edit: Speaking of 4chan, I’ve got a specific axe to grind with those fuckers. I was on Something Awful before 4chan existed, and the only reason 4chan exists as it does today is because Something Awful realized that they had a contingent of people that were going to be a serious problem for them, and started laying down ground rules that some of these “freedom of speech conscious individuals” AKA "people who play ‘devil’s advocate’ when it comes to child pornography and rape, got seriously upset and left to go join Moot at 4chan. Then 4chan became the worst place on the internet and got so bad that they had to start making some rules, so we ended up with 8chan which is currently the worst place that I know of on the regular internet. I’m sure there are worse places, but it’s populated almost entirely by people who were too awful for to be tolerated by either SA or 4chan, which is really saying something.

I digress, however. My axe is simply this: people on 4chan like to think they created and own “internet culture” (which within the context is almost entirely the idea of stupid videos and image memes) when they aren’t even the original version of the thing they’re trying to be, and their “contributions” to so-called internet culture have been almost universally negative. Stupid videos and image memes existed well before 4chan did, and the internet, contrary to their deeply mistaken beliefs, in no way belongs to them. /rant


If someone is threatening to rape a 16 year old girl, they need to be brought down. Even if it means authorities in different states communicating with each other. I know you don’t mean to suggest this shouldn’t be pursued because it’s too difficult.


I do not mean that. I am just stating the reality of what you are going to have to face.
If it crosses state lines (victim or perp) your local authorities have little incentive to do a serious follow up as it just is not in their jurisdiction and more time and effort than they have resources for. Same goes for getting the FBI involved.


My grandmother, who started her teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse, taught me to program on a Commodore PET when I was 5 years old (while teaching herself to program, too).


Mod note: I’ve removed a bunch of posts regarding body-shaming that have literally nothing to do with the topic at hand. Let’s not lower the level of discourse here when there are so many other ways already to denigrate the asshats who would honestly believe that threats of violence are ever appropriate against any teenager, especially one trying to break free of social stereotypes, prejudice, and misogynistic bullshit.


That’s fair.

How about completely removing the incendiary comment that started all the melee, instead of just greying it out?



Not really. She’s not published papers or research that are pertinent to computer science. We’re not studying her in school. And we don’t have any theorems named after her. She’s certainly interesting from a historic viewpoint, but to say she got anyone started in programming is grossly overstating your case.

Grace Hopper developed techniques and tools that we use to this day in one form or another. And Adele Goldstine (née Katz) trained many programmers over the years, who eventually trained many of us. And of course Grete Hermann and her thesis that is still important for computer algebra.


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