Reddit takes a stand against the EU's plan to break the internet

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Reddit? Hard to believe that Reddit is now a good guy, but that’s the state of things on planet earth…


If only such legislation would break Fuckbook. I’d live with a lot of side-effects if it did that.

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Freedom of information and speech makes for some strange bedfellows.

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Reddit has been kind of like a schoolyard. Everyone knows it has the chess club, the AV room, and so on, but all the attention goes to Smoker’s Corner and the way bullies rule the cafeteria.


Brexit was really the best move at this moment. With EU-firewall and with Global Compact for Migration, Europe will sink and suffocate in mental and material shit in just few years.

For every awful community on Reddit there 10 more that are great. It’s not all a cesspool.

And if there’s one thing that can unite the vast majority of Reddit it’s opposition to laws that can result in breaking Reddit.

And there are ways to tell if you are about to get into an argument with someone from the cesspool.

From a few days ago

Step 1: Mods introduce Capitalism Points where the most popular and hard-working Posters in the Marketplace of Ideas can accumulate capital and use it to pressure a new voting system for changes. Instead of one account, one vote, it’s one unit of capital, one vote. Clearly nothing could ever possibly go wrong with such a very right-libertarian system.

Step 2: Leftists in the sub inquire about libertarian socialist accommodations and create, in effect, a posting co-operative to pool together capital and change the rules. It seems to have some effect and the libertarians get angry and paranoid.

Step 3: /r/Libertarian moderator with a history with now-banned fascist subreddit /r/Physical_Removal loses their mind and goes on a rampage 1, banning everyone they think is “leftist” (and a whole lot of people who aren’t but just disagree with them).

Step 4: Subreddit is a mess, mods are in-fighting, revolt brews against the ban-happy fascist mod, admins are accused of lying, everyone freaks the fuck out about omnipotent Chapo brigaders destroying Reddit.

Result: subreddits aren’t the same as real life societies, but it’s extremely funny how broken and failed right-libertarian ideas are to the point where they instantly turn fascist when things don’t go their way.

UPDATE: The experiment, having completely collapsed, is being reverted by the admins 1. At least everyone knows a /r/PhysicalRemoval fascist mods the sub now.

Note that step 2 is the the libertarian-socialists doing exactly what libertarian-capitalists say they can supposedly do under a libertarian capitalist system. Up until now we had no way of proving our suspicions it was a lie.

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