Reddit's most toxic communities charted



That’s because we are the most important, and PCs are way more customizable, and PC games far more modable, than console crap could ever be.



This confused me, because it seemed the oposite of my experience.

Fortunately I found you were reading the chart wrong: /r/DIY is listed as one of the most supportive subreddit in the list.

Likewise, /r/atheism and /r/theredpill are among the least supportive (and most toxic).

I don’t think it’s @beschizza’s fault: it’s very confusing that the chart makers made the y-axis inverted.


/r/DIY is a collection of brag threads - people post photo series of something cool they made. Sometimes knowlegeable commenters let loose when the creation is clearly a threat to health and safety, but most threads are basically a collection of “yeah, you go!” and “How did you do step X?”

Discussions rarely get heated, which is what I suspect the bot is actually measuring. /r/relationships, for example, has many, many threads where the overall response is “holy crap you’re being abused grab your pets/kids and get to a shelter NOW!” I’m not sure the bot can distinguish urgency from toxicity.


Thank you! i have corrected the post.


Does the algorithm account for politely phrased condescension and classist/knowledgist pity?

Is there not just a r/bigotry yet? too on the nose?


This chart made the rounds in atheism blogs recently. It’s very true that /r/atheism is a hostile place. There’s a lot of anger there, and the people there really seem prone to escalating straight to personal attacks. It’s a shame. The excuse from some people is that places like that tend to be forum where people can blow off steam in a safer manner than otherwise; if Aunt Grundy posts a “Jesus Loves You!” post, it’s easier and safer to complain about it on some reddit subforum than it would be to go off on your well-meaning and entirely nice aunt. I can understand it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. :confused:


Many things on the internet are best not engaged.


Based on analysis of personal attacks and other machine-learned elements of language…

Brainstorm! If they can do this, can’t they automate the process? Set up a few bots that troll everybody who dares to enter some forum, they could save so much in labor costs!


And made it confusing and unreadable! Oh well, just like the chart I suppose… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Actually, I found the chart quite readable, once you saw the axes.)

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“r/libertarian is nontoxic but unsupportive”


I initially expected /r/atheism to be nothing but anger but was surprised by the occasional level heads there and also the level of knowledge about religion. Yes there is anger. I think a lot of people there still have not gotten past the initial realization of their having been taken advantage of by Organized Religion, and as a result are highly reactive.

Windows games left PC games in the dust a long time ago.

Because obviously there are no better ways to instill much needed rationality in people than browbeating them with emotional outbursts about rationality…


I think, in this case, it would be ethical enough to just rewrite the post. Unless you are making some kind of point about how unpleasant reading a post can be, or something.


I agree. Being a jerk is not a good way to present yourself.

I’m just saying that there are worse ways to blow off steam than by going to reddit and bitching about it. Beats alienating your relatives on Facebook.

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I stick with smaller, usually well-moderated hobby and craft-related subreddits and avoid the drama and nastiness. Nothing as small as /r/boingboing though. :smile:


Yeah, this is interesting, but doesn’t really tell you all that much by itself. Some subs are just inherently contentious places because of the subject matter, and some just draw a lot of trolls. (SRS is both, which is why I was expecting it to be where it is.)

In that light I’m a little bit surprised pcmasterace is so central, I thought trolls would skew it a bit.

do-de-do-do-do I’ll just put these axes over here wherever I want derp derp derp and then I’ll make up some words ho-de-ho-de-ho



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That is a terrible chart.

Here’s how to not be a complete failure at this kind of chart: