Redman talks about that time he took acid and got shocked with an electric cattle prod


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I hate when that happens


Please remove the hulu autoplay link.


I can envision him in such a scenario. both times I saw him, he was––well, I suppose to say he was “electrifying” would sound trite. but yes, his performances are very much off-the-hook. even without the acid, I would have no trouble buying that he withstood getting shocked, just off the strength of his insane personal energy level.


I initially found it unlikely, but he described being in a circuit with several people which I think Myhtbusters or YouTube showed me can reduce a jolt.*

/I do sometimes remember things the exact opposite of how they happeled sometimes. But I’m pretty sure about this.


I love the idea of people being interviewed while slowly going through self-torture. Plus despite the obvious agony of the guests, it always makes me hungry for wings.

The all time best Hot Ones interview I have seen was Key and Peele.


You ever take one of those…


Try acid, they said. It will be fun, they said.


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