Recreation of a crazy James Brown interview from 1987

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I love James Brown but… what… why…?

Jordan is a really funny and talented guy, see Keanu if you have not done so, but this is so close to the original that it’s uncomfortable.

I have the same problem with other such historic clips, like Bowie having a paranoid episode in the back of a limo, other such videos. Having been a child around adults on luudes and PCP and freebase that kind of behavior always says “Oh, violence is going to happen to someone tonight!”.

Some drugs and some drug experiences are just all about narcissism and bog help anyone who gets in the way of that.


From a 2007 NY Mag article:

Why was Brown so unpredictable? Because, Allen says, “he was stoned out of his mind.” The singer’s drug of choice was a concoction of embalming fluid and tobacco he called “gorilla,” Allen says.

Goddammit! Not only does he get to date Chelsea Peretti, but he’s also genius.

It’s a chance for Jordan to show off his ability to impersonate James Brown on PCP, and it’s a chance for Nicole Parker to show off her comedic timing.

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I’m single and I wanna mingle

Yeah… he did it pretty close to the original. Which is my favorite James Brown song, that interview.

Now I want Devo to do a cover version of it. As different as their version of Satisfaction is from the original.

I love Key and Peele.

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Wow, I didn´t even know about this interview.
The only time I saw James Brown in an interview was in 2000 (I think) on the german programme TV Total, He seemed a bit… displaced, confused where he actually was. But when he performed a song just minutes later, he was incredible.
Drugs are a hell of a drug.


I’m afraid I don’t understand. It’s not satire or parody, it’s not providing commentary or insight, and it’s certainly not comedy (making fun of, yes, comedy no). So why does it exist, aside from being a naked PR grab? Simply to provide an HD version?

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What exactly is the point of that performance? Is it a hommage? I understand cover songs but cover interview… no, I’m out.

Had the same thought. I love Jordan’s work, but there’s no matching the insanity of the original.

Also, -1 on not matching the glasses. I mean Mr. James Brown is just wearing some old-lady, post cataract surgery-type glasses there.

So wonderfully WTF…

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