Regular ibuprofen usage "alters human testicular physiology"


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He’s a bot that responds to the mispelling of sneak peek (as “sneak peak”)

Made a splash about 5 years ago as Twusers kept fighting back against the bot’s opinion. Cracked me up.





Fortunately there are plenty of great alternatives, at least for some of us


I had problems with lower back pain (couldn’t sleep because of it), and found an exercise that helped me get rid of it. The exercise is completely passive - just lying down and stretching with towel placed under hips. Here’s the link to the exercise (It’s on the Polish site, so it’s Google-Translated):

For me the results were impressive, pain is completely gone.

@Mister44 I think you also mentioned having problems with lower back pain - maybe it’s worth giving a try?


This jibes with what I hear cyclists tell noobs about the extreme bent-over aero position they use. It’s not painful once your core gets built up to support the spine, either by transitioning to lower stances over time or by doing core exercises at the gym.


Something like this is part of my physical therapy.

Stretches and exercise do amazing things.


Yes, this one of the self-help exercises that works. You may also try yoga.


If you already have these, then ibuprofen or any aspirin-derived med are off the list. If I have a headache, I hold my liver, take the acetaminophen and hope. If I have inflammation or joint pain, I just sulk.


Sort of. Then again my ulcer comes and goes with my stress levels and I am good with OTC tagament when it gets bad. If I take ibuprofen I make sure to have some food and a full glass of water as well. I avoid the naproxen unless I really need it which is close to never.


And for conducting this research someone got the Noball Prize?


Has anyone done a study on the comparable effectiveness of weed?


Guys, it’s true, I take Advil for my period pain, I have for years, and I’ve got no balls at all!


Unless you’ve got some pre-existing liver damage or something that increases risk of liver damage going on there’s not really much reason to forgo the acetaminophen. Its not as if an occasional dose is gonna blow up your liver. Takes a pretty big dose to cause liver failure in one go. And regular small doses leading to liver damage is mostly a fear with children and teens.


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