Religion is a lie

Dude. Religion is a lie.


Why in hell would this not be the place for such a heavenly discussion? Did you not see the post topic? Pointing out the obvious lies and fabrications is not at home in message board at the bottom of such a post?

I 2nd #normanack, and up the ante: any worshiper’s 1st mistake, homosexual or not, is setting foot in a “church” to begin with. You want a deep spiritual experience? There are many better and finer places for that sort of thing.

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Sorry about that. I was feeling cranky and was way out of place. Thanks for catching me up on that.

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“Both queer and Christian” Pray the Christianity away, solve both problems.

Dear God, please wipe all notion and record of you from the history of humanity. Amen


It’s not exactly like Christianity has been the only source of anti-gay bigotry throughout human history.


The only envelope that should be handed to the priest at any church isn’t a collection envelope but a sealed RICO indictment, because Religion is, at worst, organized crime and obstruction of justice, as well as tax evasion.

If you want to talk to God, do it at home. I do the same thing when I talk to Green Lantern. But you don’t get to have a tax-free building full of gold with plenty of tiny rooms for sexual assault just because you have a favorite fictional character.

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Better yet, dump religion entirely.

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You are right about that. I will expand that wish to all religions.

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