Remembering Elliott Smith's Heatmiser days

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Just wanted to say that I’m loving these music recommendations popping up on bb.

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I saw them in 1992. I was 14 and I bought their new single, Stray. All of their songs were loud and upbeat and I thought it’d put Portland on the map. Little did I know I’d be half right.

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couldnt agree more wish he was still around was in college when he died. I had just pulled into my school and parked my car when they announced his death as in other news and so matter of fact like on the radio you could tell the announcer had no idea who elliott was and what devastating news he actually just delivered. I sat there crushed for a second turned off the radio as the announcer started introducing the foo fighters song he was playing next and started my car back up and drove home.

Brings back such a great memory of seeing them in Seattle around '96 or '97. Oddly it was the only time I think I saw Eliot Smith live as I otherwise only saw him attending concerts at EJ’s in the late 90’s in Portland before he moved away. Wish I made more of an effort to see him solo.

I’ve had a hard time listening to Elliott Smith ever since he died. Maybe it’s because his songs are so personal and the subject matter covers the same ground as what likely led to his death. I have the same problem with David Berman and Purple Mountains (and to a lesser extent the Silver Jews).

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