The Fall singer Mark E. Smith has died, at the age of 60


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Come on. First LeGuin and now Mark E. Smith. is 2018 going to be 2016 all over again? (Probably, yes. Loads of childhood hero’s getting old…)


NOOOO. No. My favorite non-singer/talkey/squeakey singer. Dammit.


Oh no, 2018 is revving up.


I can’t think of many people who were loved and feared at the same time by so many people.
My son was in the Fall for a short time (wasn’t everyone?) and as an example of his unpredictability, in the space of three days Mark E Smith threatened to have my son’s legs broken by ‘acquaintances’ in Manchester and bought him a beautiful handmade piece of pottery. There was only one M.E.S.


One more thing that makes me not want to get up in the morning.

Sign of the time: an ad for meds under the Mr Pharmacist vid.

Cynical dead punk poet’s digital ghost advertizing meds. Yeah, things ain’t always getting better.


the most appropriate song…


Winter is always bad, but there do seem to have been too many heroes die young so far this year.


And so ends the long list of “ex-members of The Fall.”


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