George Michael, 1963-2016


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Well this is bullshit.


2016 has seriously been a dick.


And someone thought it a good idea to hand it a cudgel.


For me the 2016 pattern has been about life expectancy catching up with prominent people who emerged in the 1960s. But George Michael is too young to be part of that pattern. He either got really unlucky with cancer or his lifestyle caught up with him.


Play him off, Sexy Sax Man


Guess this was his last christmas.
Seriously, 2016, f*ck off allready.


OK, if we’re to be tasteless, Rumor has it that he died of heart complications.


However disappointed you feel about this, Bill Hicks is even more disappointed that he now has to share the clouds (pits?) with Michael:

Listening to this bit decades later makes me wonder how he felt about Prince, who was a brilliant guitarist, a rockstar, a ladies man, and a flamboyant go-plastic musician emblematic of the 80s with a precisioned mustache. Not sure if Prince ever hawked Diet Coke, though.


You were to wake me up before you go-go. But you left me hanging on like a yo-yo.

Thanks for the music, man.


Stay classy, CNN


Hey, At least they didn´t mention that hes never gonna dance again.


As a tween growing up in rural Maine, I got his first solo album on cassette and played it on my Walkman until it broke. When the local radio station would play “I Want Your Sex,” they’d dub in the word “moose” every time over “sex.” So it went, “Moose is natural, moose is fun, moose is best when it’s one on one.” May you wander with the moose, wherever you are, you sexy man. You’ll be missed.
Oh, and f*** 2016.


You win


Every year piles up the corpses. It’s the one promise Time never breaks.


This year is doing a particularly good job of it. Rick Parfitt of Status Quo has also snuffed it.


Wife and I are taking a lap around the dance floor tonight for George…


My prom date left the dance floor in tears when that song started, due to some previous association with a prior boyfriend. Didn’t make me love the song any more.



Sarah Michelle Gellar apparently thought Boy George had died.