Watch George Michael and Morrissey discuss breakdancing and Joy Division


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I know that we live in an uncaring, godless world, because George Michael is gone and Morrissey will be with us forever.


It doesn’t get more 80s than that.


Morrissey seems insufferable. I like his music though. Of the three panelists, I think I’d enjoy hanging out with the DJ the most.


I’ve never really watched any Morrissey interviews or anything before this (although I’ve read stuff that makes me assume I would think he was a jerk), and I am only halfway through this, but in this at any rate I don’t think there’s anything wrong with him here. Quite like him actually in comparison to George Michael and the DJ, especially when they ask him about Breakin and he says he found the movie repellent - George is a little bit too polite on the issue. Also looking at the clips from the movie is funny because sometimes you see stuff from when you were young and you think huh, it wasn’t that bad, but then you see stuff like this and you think god I was sooooo right to hate that shit.


Would’ve thought hanging…the DJ would’ve made you more of a Morrissey fan.
I’ll get me coat.


this one doesn’t have any blood on him or anything.


For a program that is pop stars discussing pop culture, that’s a surprisingly cerebral program.


How do you think he feels about it?


Morrissey? He only thinks about how meat is everywhere, which makes him cancel concerts for some reason.


Morrissey is insufferable but at least he’s talented and entertaining.

Basically he is an older, whiter, and English version of Kanye West.


His continued presence may also be taken by Morrissey as further evidence of an uncaring, godless world.


I was never a fan of any of these people, but they all came across as very genuine.


Har fuckin’ hardy har. Well done.


Too bad the host cut Michael off at around the 21:00 mark. I would have loved to hear more of him talking about Joy Division!



He feels miserable now


Heaven knows, I suppose.


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