Remembering those awful 'SlimFast diet' shakes

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We can replace one or two meals a day with … nothing, or a cuppa coffee maybe

It’s what to replace that last meal with that’s the problem—it’s absolutely possible to eat only once a day and still be overweight :confounded:

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I lost a little over 40lbs over the course of a year in my mid 20s - and it stayed off a looong time - by eating a yogurt for breakfast, mixed veg and rice or pasta w/out butter for lunch, and then reasonable portions of whatever mom’d made for dinner. Nothing else. No junk, nothing w/sugar in, no snacking other than maybe a handful of nuts or some fruit.

I also gave up pretty much all food w/sugar in for six months when I was in my early 20s. I have no idea how I was disciplined enough to do that at that age. I have never felt better in my life.

Wish I had that kind of discipline now.

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Oh, I totally eat OMAD, ride the peloton, do the pilates, keep out processed foods, aim for low carb/no sugar added and I still have work to do.


John Pinette summed up the shakes perfectly.

All the characters on that show had “the shakes”

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