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Yeah, it comes in both canine and feline forms


Okay, I’m gonna vent OT 'cause I can’t take it anymore. The house we moved into last year came with a Kenmore Elite refrigerator/freezer (what George Carlin recommended we start calling a refrigiteezer), the type with the stupid “French doors” feature. Looks kinda like this:

What’s stupid about it? Everything. Apparently this style of fridge was all the rage a couple years back. There’s one just like it at work. It makes, but does not dispense, ice. Because the freezer is on the bottom, at knee level. The freezer door slides out, then folds down. It looks spacious. It is not. Nothing is easy to reach. Everything gets in the way of closing the door. The mechanical arm that tells the ice maker to stop making ice when the bin is full does not do its job. As for the refrigerator section, well, look at the shelves:

Notice how tall they are not. Note how higher shelves can slide away into oblivion to make room for such unreasonably tall containers as, oh, say, wine bottles and milk cartons. Note how there are two layers of crisper drawers forcing this short-shelf shituation. Note how the upper one extends the entire width of the fridge. Do you foresee trouble? Older fridges (like ones with the freezer on top) sensibly had reversible doors. If you happened to install your fridge in a corner, with a wall on the right, you might choose to have the door hinged on the left, so that the door opens all the way instead of just 90 degrees. And vice versa if you were obliged to install your fridge in a left-hand corner.

With this fridge, you’re out of luck: install it in either corner, and one of your doors will only open 90 degrees, which means that that door’s shelves will block the wide deli drawer, preventing it from opening more than a couple inches. So it’s tough to get any foodstuffs in or out of that drawer, unless you’re fortunate enough to have free space on both sides that permit both doors to fully open.

And it’s also guaranteed that if you open just one fridge door, the item you seek will be behind the other one, no matter how anal retentive your fridge-Tetris organizational​ skills.

But really, it’s the short vertical space in that fridge that really rankles me. That, and the one other flaw that made me mention it in this thread in the first place.

The “stainless steel” finish on all three doors is entirely non-ferrous. Refrigerator magnets will not stick to the front of my fridge.

I want to tie it to the back of an old F250 pickup and drag it down Victory Boulevard at 49 miles per hour. I hate the thing so much.

But otherwise, I like these magnets.


But not 50 miles per hour. That would be unreasonable.
(plus I’m betting the speed limit is 40)


You know me too well.


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