Reminder magnets to help you keep your life in order


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The feeding of the pet one could use a little bit of a modification as it doesn’t take into account the time of day the pet has or hasn’t been fed.


Perhaps the magnets would be best paired with a number-line style strip of hours, maybe half-hour resolution; so that you could put time-sensitive magnets next to the appropriate point on the timeline, without cluttering up the magnet set with a bunch of ‘do X, morning’/‘do X, late morning’/‘do X, afternoon’, etc. magnet variants?


If I’m the type of person who doesn’t know whether I’ve taken out the garbage or fed the cat, I imagine I’m also the type of person who would be unlikely to fiddle with refrigerator magnets.


Can’t speak for others but this seems useful for larger households or a busy couple. I can imagine myself using this with a significant other, i would a couple of magnets for sure :slight_smile:


I’ll have to tie a string around my wrist to remind me to get these.


I can see these being helpful with teachers/aides who work with the elderly or people with special needs.


Many of these would be very useful, particularly the clean/dirty dish thing with a house full of people. However, I have three loud and lively reminders to tell me when I haven’t fed the cat(s).


Ok, this is literally absurd: so you feed your cat and flip the magnet to the side that says “cat has been fed,” but then when is it flipped back to “cat needs to be fed”? Is the cat flipping it back when she’s hungry? No.

You need to know a priori that the cat requires feeding in order to then set the reminder to remind you of the thing you already know. In other words, the consequence (“remembering to feed the cat”) of the action (“setting a reminder to feed the cat”) must already be the case in order for the action to occur.

After the first time you set the magnet to the “cat fed” state, if you then don’t remember to feed the cat (because the reminder says you already did), then the magnet will always be in the “cat fed” state, and you’ll never feed your cat again. And if you do remember to set the magnet to the “feed cat” state, then you don’t need a reminder to feed the cat!


Do they have one to remind me to flip over the magnets?


Yeah, I’m with all you other Scrooges. Remembering to flip these things is something only people who don’t need to be reminded would do. I’ve tried various schemes like this in the past. They work only if everybody always remembers to flip the thing, check the box, whatever.


After watching me only a few times, my cat has learned to flip the magnet. One star!


I live in a household with a “dishes clean” magnet on the dishwasher. It cannot be trusted. People empty and load the dishwasher without thinking of the magnet, which is out of sight when the door is open. So it increases confusion rather than clarity.


We, through great diligence, have cleared a space on the kitchen counter that only ever holds cards we made up with todo items like this. When the counter is empty, the day’s chores are done.


Spice it up with some adultier magnets.

Blowjob <–> Cunnilingus



It looks like someone put poison in that poor cat’s food.


I’ll go out on a limb here and say they’re meant more for fun. BUT I could have used the dog one the other day because I fed the dogs their evening meal (we feed them twice a day) and my wife and I crossed paths coming and going. They fooled her into thinking that they were still due their dinner. :slight_smile:


In my experience, cats are really good about reminding you when they need to be fed.




Was going to say the same thing, but then realized the magnet is not to remind the owner to feed the cat. It’s to remind the owner that the cat is lying about not having been fed.