Reminder: Obamacare Open Enrollment begins today and runs to Dec 15

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Thanks, Obama.

(In a non-ironic way)


Anybody know of a way to get your account unfucked? I do not remember these security questions at all.

Very important to shop around, and consider other metal level plans this year.

Due to the CSR reimbursement end on-exchange Silver plans have become a bad deal in many states (unless you are low enough income to get the CSR benefit). If you look around you may well find you want to switch to gold or bronze.

Poking around the washington state exchange I found that, as expected, some gold plans now have only trivially higher premiums than silver plans.

*essentially this is because the cost of the CSR benefit has been, in states with good insurance commissioners anyway (which is about 2/3 of states), piled onto the silver plans. Because the premium subsidy levels are based on the cost of silver plans this increase the subsidies. If you get the CSR benefit you also get full premium subsidy, so the silver plans should still cost you the same. If you dont’ get the benefit, however, silver plans got relatively worse. If you get premium subsidy your subsidy went up, and a gold plan may be affordable, or a bronze plan may have very very low premiums. If you don’t get a premium subsidy you still want to avoid those extra-expensive on-exchange silver plans.

Somebody please explain why there is a time limit on getting insurance?

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I can not in good faith buy anything in the American economy, much less healthcare. Contracts mean nothing to conservatives, they will allow you to be fucked from every possible angle, then blame you for it. The only answer is not to participate.

All that new ACA profit was taken then used to lobby for deregulating the ACA.

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Cause “Merika!” socialism blah blah blah. :unamused:

The fact that such a thing is necessary is prima facie evidence that your company, oops, country, is just plain buggered.

Why not emigrate? We dont need illogical nihilists.

How is this not evidence of treason:

Tom Price cut the enrollment period by half.

Tom Price cut the advertising budget by 90%.

Tom Price cut the number of ACA “navigators” by 40%.

Tom Price has the ACA website shut down 12 hours every weekend, during enrollment period, midnight Saturday to noon Sunday. (What a curious time to do “routine” maintenance!)

Tom Price ordered HHS’s 10 regional directors not to participate in state-based open enrollment events.

The Republican mantra is ‘government doesn’t work’ and they do their damndest to convince everyone of this.

Because the way insurance is set up now, if you could sign up any time, people would only sign up when they got sick. And theyd sign up for the plan with the best coverage. Then when they got better, theyd downgrade to a lower plan (or no plan). This is fiscally unsustainable. Unfortunately, enrollment periods are a necessary evil.

If, however, the US had universal health insurance and everyone was already paying (through payroll taxes, income taxes, et al) then you could “sign up” any time-- or rather, you wouldnt have to, because you’d already be covered just by virtue of being a citizen. “Signing up” would just be a matter of formalizing it and getting your insurance card.

That makes sense. Thanks.
A little anecdote: When I moved to Germany and got married I was automatically covered by my wife’s insurance. No physical, no questions. I think I had to sign a form stating that I exist, but I’m not sure about that part.

I take it you work in healthcare or have government subsided customers? Why should i pay into something I have zero faith in being there when I need it?

I take it you live in a shack with a small amount of precious metals and a bitcoin wallet.

Why should i pay into something I have zero faith in being there when I need it?

What are you talking about? “When you need it” You pay into the plan. You receive your benefits when you need it. The GOP cant suddenly snatch it away. When they abolish ACA you’ll know about it well ahead of time.

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And I wont get a dime of that money back when they do take it apart, wholesale or piece by piece. How about no, i don’t wait until the next election cycle for change, I boycott the economy immediately.

Dont worry, I have no fantasies about living in a country with a functioning healthcare system.

Better hope you don’t have a health care emergency before the next election, then.

Seriously, this sounds to me like you’re screwing yourself over for nothing.

Not giving people my money is not nothing. How much of your healthcare dollars are used to lobby against your (well, all of our) interest or directly fund conservative movements?

I am not the one living in the illusion that my actual worth (wealth) is more than the cost to keep me alive.

How much of your healthcare dollars are used to lobby against your (well, all of our) interest or directly fund conservative movements?

None, because I don’t live in the US. :slight_smile:

But you have reckons none the less.