Rep. Bowman to pay fine for setting off fire alarm in congress

Originally published at: Rep. Bowman to pay fine for setting off fire alarm in congress | Boing Boing


Seems lenient, but I guess he only did this the one time while the republicans are alarming 24-7.


Nope, not good enough, the FBI hasn’t raided his house yet.


Yeah, pretty sure this is a lie. He definitely deserves a fine in the same way that anyone doing this would get fined. The penalty should always be in proportion to the activity without regard as to what political office one holds.

Now if only we could get certain groups to understand this concept we’d be much better off!

Oh wait, no, sorry … I mean:

If tHey caN Do thIs To hIM, They Can do iT tO AnyOnE!

Am I doing that correctly?


No idea why this guy keeps giving stories on this when the fact is he pulled it to stop the voting.

Is that right? No.

Do I get why he would do it? Hell yes.

Just say what he did, admit the wrong, take the fine like anyone would get, and move on from the story.


because if he sticks to his story it’s harder for the otherside to say it was “malicious”…

even though the real malice is that the otherside has made governing such an unreliable shitshow

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Nah, the other side would still say it was malicious even if it really was an innocent mistake.

It’s pretty insulting that he keeps expecting anyone to believe his story though. No reasonably intelligent adult would ever mix up a door activation button with a fire alarm, and if they somehow did then the responsible thing to do would be to immediately come clean about it instead of sneaking off and waiting until they were outed by the surveillance video.


Said video has apparently been released, showing him walk up to the doors, removing the signs, pushing the button, and walking away.

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