Rep. Gym Jordan is terror-stricken in New York, and this eye-opening Sinatra ditty shows just why (video)

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Not that it feeds any bulldog but, gym jordan is of course not actually frightened (or terror stricken) about New York crime, he even knows that his own voting district back in Ohio is far more crime ridden*, he’s just very badly play acting the failed republican think-tank dystopian image of “urban areas” (avec racist dog whistle), so it can be re-played on Fox"lies-all-lies" -sigh-

and gawd bless Stephen Colbert.

*Ohio murder rates far higher than NYC as state’s GOP Rep. Jim Jordan slams city’s crime woes


The whole spectacle has been pathetic, from its motivation in support of the Orange Grifter to the unwillingness to mention the role of easy access guns in what violent crime there is to the contrast between the statistics between Gym Jordan’s home district and NYC.


One of the weirdest things about the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks was watching American conservatives try to act like they cared about New York City even as they constantly trash talked the place. I guess we’ve fully reverted back to “not even pretending anymore.”


To be fair, Xtianist scumbags like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson went right into victim-blaming New Yorkers after 9/11 (“God’s judgement”). But yes, for the most part conservatives at the time put up a pretense of caring about a city for which they usually expressed disdain.


Funny how they never victim blame places like Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, etc. when those states get battered by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters on a far more frequent basis.

Almost as if god is trying to tell the people of those states to stop being mean to non-cis-white-evangelical men… :thinking:


Surely time to start driving trollies all of the GOP targets in Tornado Alley, by telling them that any damage is God’s wrath for them being non-Christian fascist assholes.


As I recall they were blaming the gays for Hurricane Katrina destroying the gulf coast. I guess the people of Biloxi, Mississippi were just too darn liberal for God to countenance their city’s continued existence.


If they thought they could get away with it (read: if it would increase donations) they’d blame the gays for the sun going down at night

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