Colbert makes fun of loony Giuliani's Clinton illness conspiracy theories

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If I were in the mood to pretend that major public figures possessed even a scrap of dignitiy or a shred of intellectual honesty I’d be inclined to ask why Mr. Giuliani hasn’t applied this…rigorous epidemioligical technique… to the problem of those pesky 9/11 heroes who have found that being lionized isn’t all that helpful in treating an assortment of ghastly pulmonary diseases…

Though, since we haven’t had a successful terrorist attack since President Bush, maybe that’s not a relevant consideration.


The former mayor will henceforth be known as “Googliani”.


Maybe Giuliani’s time would be better spent Googling “9/11” to remind himself about that little incident he seems to have forgotten about.


Guilani has grown so delusional, now he thinks he’s The Doctor:


You know, I try to keep an open mind, but conservative America has stepped off this cliff into the unknown. Let’s see . . . Obama was born in Kenya and his birth certificate is fake (or, conversely, his real father was a well known American communist and his mom posed for porn magazines), also his cabinet is filled with Maoists, “Obamacare” is worse than slavery, and any minute now he’s going to declare martial law take away our guns and begin a third term.

And yet they think Hillary Clinton is the one losing her mind.

New York Post Headline: “Huma Abedin Worked at a Radical Muslim Journal for a Dozen Years”. . . OK, a little googling and we find the Journal in question, with articles about “Muslims and Religious Pluralism in Post-Apartheid South Africa” and “Laughter the Best Medicine: Muslim Comedians and Social Criticism in Post-9/11 America.” In fact most of the articles are dull scholarly works, as if people were getting their Ph.D dissertations printed (“Oh, the horror!”)

Conservatives are preaching to the converted. If they want people to take their claims seriously then they should stop crying “wolf!” all the damn time.


And don’t forget the “Jade Helm 15” invasion of Texas, and the use of closed Walmarts to house either dead bodies or prisoners of the invasion, depending on what looney you listen to.


They’re so low-information these days, that the entire category of fuckwits you refer to is deep in the clueless zone of Dunning-Kruger; they haven’t the faintest idea how completely fucking ignorant they are.

So, a) they actually think there’s a wolf every time, and b) they don’t understand why you’re not extremely concerned about all these wolves, except to say you’re a goddamn libtard or some such.


Yeah, I couldn’t list 'em all without taking up the whole screen.

I’ve noticed “The Muslim Brotherhood” is the new go-to magic bullet of the conspiracy-minded, they can connect anyone to the Muslim Brotherhood using the “6 degrees of separation” game, and voilà, “sleeper agent.”


Yep… Hillary is less evil than Trump

Obama is as equal as Hillary:

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