No terrorism before Obama? Thanks Obama!


…says Giuliani, aka Mr 9/11.


I just… I can’t even… the stupid, the stupid.


How many Rudy Giulianis does it take to screw in a light bulb?



Is this like Master’s level stupid, or PhD level stupid?


Post-Doc stupid with good prospects for a Nobel Prize in International Dumbassery.


I hope it’s PhD level because I really want to hear Giuliani defend his thesis.

Purely for the entertainment factor.


Let’s hope it’s an open defense!


I think Rudy was trying to point out the extremely qualified coincidence that

  • after the Patriot Act passed, and before G.W. Bush left office, the attacks
  • that succeeded, and
  • for which responsibility was claimed by a terrorist organization
  • happened overseas.

He probably just forgot all the provisos and qualifications. Can’t imagine why.


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