Trump cybersecurity advisor Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works

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Slowly turning into a corncob


If you built a cyber-wall, nobody would be able to invade your tweets.


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“cardcarrying anti-Trumpers” … Where would one get a card like that? Asking for myself


Hey! Rudy!

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Giuliani isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, and more than a little bit crazy, but I suspect that this is strategy rather than cluelessness.

First up, I’m pretty sure that if he doesn’t know why this happened and doesn’t know that Twitter isn’t responsible, then there’s someone around him who does and can explain it to him. And they probably have done. So he knows.

That being the case, the obvious solution is to delete the original tweet and republish it with the missing space inserted. Don’t even acknowledge it. Just do it. He’s not bound by the Presidential Records Act, so he can delete what he likes.

But he hasn’t done that. Instead, he’s called more attention to it by doubling down on it, ludicrously blaming Twitter for ‘allowing’ this attack on the president. Assuming that’s he not actually in the throes of senile dementia, the only reason I can think of is that he’s posturing for the base.

A lot of Trump’s core supporters aren’t exactly tech-savvy critical thinkers. So the message that they take away from this is “them damn lib’ruls are attacking Our President again”, and that Twitter is onboard with it. Moreover, when they click the inadvertent hyperlink and see a message reading “Trump is a traitor”, they don’t think “Gee, maybe he really is a traitor.” They think “Those liberals hate us” and get even angrier. is doing Giuliani’s work for him; why wouldn’t he want to keep linking to it?

We’ve seen plenty of other cases where members of this administration say something that’s obviously absurd or completely at odds with the facts – all the ‘Democrats want to take away your Obamacare’ stuff, for example. But it’s not about convincing anyone who actually knows or thinks about things: it’s about reinforcing the beliefs of a core constituency who will accept anything that comes from the administration or its supporters as gospel. Team Trump’s guiding principle is “Say whatever you like, as long as it keeps the base riled up.” Whether what they say is true or reasonable doesn’t enter into it.


On the plus side, he’s so clueless his tweet is still up for all to see, and by alluding to that tweet he is drawing more attention to it.

Remember: Rudy claimed that “on 9/11 [he] became an expert on terrorism.” So by the same token having someone take advantage of his tweet makes him an expert on cybersecurity.


I would mostly have agreed with you… up until the angry pumpkin trailed some toilet paper into air force one. If no one bothered to remind mr prez that he should check his shoe, why assume his lawyer has more assistance than his boss?

Team Red has been scraping the barrels bottom for some time now, when little gaffes like these cant be gracefully passed along, you know theres no recourse for the big stuff.


I’m thinking that Rudy has dirt on Trump from his real estate (organized crime) dealings in NYC and is milking that cow for as long as he can.


Can you believe this is the same guy that housed the emergency command center in the World Trade Center?


Pshaw! Everybody knows his password is “Admin.”


If Twitter is so anti-Trump, wouldn’t they, you know, ban Trump’s Twitter account? It’s not like he hasn’t given good reason. Or does Rudy acknowledge that letting Trump tweet freely is the best way to make him look like the fool he is?


I have to dispute this assertion. Anybody on Ghouliani’s staff, just like on Trumplethinskin’s, who dared imply their boss didn’t know something, has already been fired. There is nobody left with the expertise or the gumption to come forward with such a correction.


This is my thought as well. From the outside point of view we all have, It sort of doesn’t matter whether he knows better or whether anyone on his staff can explain the matter to him. The situation provides a hook he can hang some accusations on, so the hook stays and the accusations hang. The drumbeat - “A conspiracy of underhanded attacks besieges us!” - goes on.

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The man is 74 years old. And works for a 72 year old President who purportedly requires emails to be printed out and read to him.

My youngest grandparent is 76, she can figure out to use Facebook to look at baby pictures and dog videos on a tablet. And occasionally send messages.

But to explain how this happened to her I wouldn’t just have to explain that .in is a domain, and Twitter automatically turns domains into link whether they work or not. I’d have to explain what a domain is. What a URL is. What a link is. And that there aren’t a bunch of minimum wage teenagers at Twitter doing this manually. And after I was done she still wouldn’t understand, and probably wouldn’t believe it. She’s an educated woman who’s better with the computer than most of her peers and very intelligent. Not prone at all to conspiracy or magical thinking.

She’s just not all that experienced on the subject, doesn’t have the same cultural base line in computers younger people have. So even if these people are willing to let people explain shit to them (which is apparently not the case) Rudy Tooti is probably just incapable of really grasping this.

And he’s gonna double down because he won’t want to admit that’s the case. Which is also something we’ve seen a fuck ton of with this administration.

Rudy is popularly believed to be involved on that front. The amount of out and out graft between Rudy’s administration and developers was insane, and the Trump’s regularly exploited city tax credits, and funding meant for affordable housing to build luxury condos. Among other things.

So dirt yeah, but any of it also implicates Mr. Mayor.

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And then you’d have to agree with her that this is a really stupid “convenience” that generates far more false positives than the time it saves the average person (as stated in the other, other thread on Giuliani being an internet idiot)

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is there any chance Giuliani could suffer for the damage he is doing by rolling in the mud with Trump? Not saying what he is doing should lead to prison time but if there could be some financial and political penalties, this would be fitting

somewhat related, I am surprised Cory and others seem to have missed this one

This has very little to do with age.
And a lot with both of them being idiotic assholes.