Rudy Giuliani doesn't understand the internet


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This is the fastest time warp ever!!!


It’s deja vu all over again.


uhhhh. . . not exactly, (this is part of his misunderstanding).


“Please hurry, Mr. Mueller.”

This plea belongs at the end of so, so many stories. -sigh-


Help! I got stuck in the memory hole!


this is just an example of not understanding twitter, and probably also causality.


Also, this guy refuses to ask someone to explain it to him. Or to conduct more tests on his own.


I swear there’s a happy holidays song here somewhere.


The list of things Rudy Giuliani does understand should fit on a PostIt note.


The bit after the period has to be a valid top-level domain name, such as “.com”. In Rudy’s case, “.in” is the country-code TLD for India. That’s why his later example didn’t work; “.Either” isn’t a top-level domain name.


These days there are so many gorram useless vanity TLDs, it might as well be.

Darn, someone has this:


Giuliani is an idiot troll, and his being “cyber security” czar or whatever is a Trump-nightmare-joke, but every app “detecting” domains is incredibly stupid and annoying. I’ve almost certainly had 5x as many false positives as intended links. How hard would it be to at least prompt you to confirm you’re putting in a domain, let alone *GASP* have users manually and intentionally set a string as a hyperlink…


Indeed, I thought we had reached a point where TLDs could be arbitrary. Just to save someone from typing:

Kimim ° has f

“despite the negative press covfefe” is one thing, but this? This is art, suitable for framing. Mmm.


Exactly. There are other common words like “as” which would work (domain for American Samoa), but not every word, and not “any two letters.”


I think he was referring to an Anthony Braxton composition. Rudy’s into some heady stuff, that guy.


Don’t know how many are from the NYC area… In his last term Rudy was simply hated by the vast majority of NYers. Then he had one moment after 9/11 (where his arrogance and inability to understand security nearly had him killed) and suddenly people liked him again. That did not last. Ran in the Republican primaries for president, got 1.5 delegates for roughly $100 million years ago in campaign spending. People who like him overrate his popularity and competency, the rest know how venal and incredibly stupid he really is.


The undead and technology do not mix well.


When Rudy sent out his tweet complaining about having accidentally created a link (and blaming it on “anti-Trumper” Twitter employees, LOL), I actually had a hard time understanding what the hell he was saying. I then realized it was because it was so damn dumb.
Trump’s cybersecurity consultant, everyone!

Yeah, that struck me - he got mad enough to make a case out of it, but couldn’t be bothered to ask someone who understood how things worked to explain it to him. Dunning-Kruger infects almost everyone in this administration. (And that doesn’t work against them, because Trump supporters are sufficiently ignorant/stupid to not know any better themselves, so the intended audience for these kind of diatribes laps it up rather than laughing at it.)


Wait Mister PostmanMueller
Oh yeah
(Is there a letter in your bag for me)
Please, Please Mister PostmanMueller