Rep. Katie Porter and her whiteboard show just how stellar a US congressperson can be

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Imagine what this country would be like if there were a lot more Katie Porters and a lot fewer Lauren Boeberts in the House.

[also, she’s obviously an experienced educator: no words coming up against the edge of the whiteboard for her!]


She’s clearly a smart lady and I believe she’s telling the truth, but I’m not sure the whiteboard is actually adding much to the presentation of her points. Perhaps the main advantage is that the time it takes to write it down allows the audience to dwell on the figure itself for a little while? No bad thing, I guess, but I can’t help thinking there’s scope for more impact, maybe?


and she writes sideways like nobody’s business!

interesting that the anchor set up the connection between manchin and drug prices but she didn’t take the bait, and stayed on topic with the bigger picture

she definitely could have gone negative if she’d wanted to


The numbers stay visible and allow the viewer to really engage in what she’s saying rather than disappearing into the background as soon as the words are spoken. TV ads work in much the same way when showing you either the cost of something or your savings. I think it’s a great technique.
I am also impressed as hell that she can be talking about one thing while still putting up words/numbers about the previous topic; my brain would force me to stop and write, then talk.


Our family sends cash as often as we can, she is a shinning light in the shit-storm of DC.


People learn/understand differently, so offering information both vocally and visually might reach more people. It’s also kind of her brand, so she might have wanted to bring it for that reason, or they might have asked her to use it. She’s certainly used the whiteboard effectively in questioning people in Congress.


Public service vs. self-service. It’s difficult for me to even recognize Boebert as a lawmaker, completely impossible to take seriously. And grossly immature. She’s mostly just a gun salesperson.


I :heart: Katie Porter!


She makes valid points, but the pessimist in me knows she is still preaching to the choir.

You might be surprised at how many conservatives think the economy stank right up until Trump took office, and then it suddenly turned around like magic.

Currently Fox News is promoting this idea that Biden is singularly responsible for our current inflation.

So that’s where we are.


Biden should consider appointing her to a high level oversight position. And she should run for the Senate when Pelosi retires.


Note sure how she has time to learn everything she does with her 300 kids she mentions at 4:13! More seriously, I am afraid she is fighting a very uphill battle, and I am not very optimistic people will really make a decision to elect politicians that will truly do things in those citizens’ best interests. We are a pretty gullible lot and don’t often evaluate the claims and promises politicians make as well as we should.

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I heard “three hungry kids.”


To be fair, that can seem like 300 kids in the right circumstances…


“This is a really cool whiteboard!” I like that kind of enthusiasm.


You can have my whiteboard when you pry it from my cold, multicolored hands…


Well-trained teachers and presenters could explain better than I can, but providing multiple ways for information to be taken in means everyone, no matter their learning style, has a shot at comprehension, and everyone learns better through repetition.


She’s fighting an uphill battle, but she fought that just to get the office. Our district is traditionally pretty conservative/red (in the thick of the area behind the so called “orange curtain”) but she rocked it and has won the vote a couple of times now.

Since then she’s been a rock star, and has very energetically been fighting that uphill battle, and I couldn’t be happier with who I voted for.

Now if everyone else had a Porter to vote for and could get over the political ennui, then maybe we’d have a better chance fighting against all of the QGOP bullshit.


Right? Her goal is to educate the public, which means that you need to have the most effective means to communication information to the largest number of people, not to just assume that how some people learn is good enough for the rest of humanity.

But hey… can’t let a woman be in public without some criticism, right? :roll_eyes: