Rep Katie Porter: an Elizabeth Warren protege and single mom who destroys bumbling, mediocre rich guys in Congressional hearings

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Want to see a TGOP’er crap their pants, enter Congressperson Porter.



She’s been pretty awesome- and hasn’t yet gotten the recognition she deserves.

She’ll be a great committee chair. Or Senator next.


Sounds like one to watch for lessons in how it’s done!


Whatever she’s drinking, I want to order a case for all our reps and senators.

We could use a thousand more like her.
“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

It has been a hundred years now that women have had the vote: I urge every woman - and man - to VOTE next year to remove this criminal cabal, this cancerous and cretinous carbuncle from our government and nation. Wish they’d leave Riker’s Island open just to receive Trump and family.

oh and she was great on Bill Maher too! she reminds me of my Aunts from WI


That clips almost made me feel sorry for Ben Carson. Almost.
Can I order the pay-per-view where she questions Trump for an hour on property management?


It is unfortunate for non-US readers that Rep might mean Representative or Republican. Headline started out one way in my mind, and ended another way.

ETA @doctorow Further off topic - there is an unclosed parenthesis in the first paragraph. Makes it hard to parse.


Or veep???


A California VP like Porter or Kamala will win lots more votes - in CA… we’re going to win CA running away even if we run a flaming sack of dogsh!t as the Presidential candidate.

What we need is votes in WI, MI, PA and OH. Win FL and TX too?
Who gets us that VP bump? Tim Kaine was super-weak-sauce for Hillary…
Biden/Klobuchar? Warren/Castro? Sanders… Stacy Abrams?
I’d vote for flaming sack of crap/ambulatory meat sack over the current cabal.
Like AOC some experience and achievements under her black belt and watch-the-fk-out!


All right already- I’ll accept the call.


Watch out, Republicans, she’s armed with numbers, facts, ethics, and education: your worst enemies.


Warren/Padilla! I’d vote for that, and donate and canvas and a yard sign
Sanders/Padilla I’d vote for that, and donate and canvas and a bumpersticker
Biden/Padilla… I’d vote for that, but no need to donate… I’d still canvas out up a yard sign AND a bumpersticker but I’d only buy the Padilla t-shirt
Flaming sack of dog crap/Padilla hmmmmmmm
Can we get Padilla on the top of that ticket? hell I’ll still VOTE for it but… flaming sacks of crap can be very effective VPs (see the evil example: Dick Cheney)


He’ll no - it’s VEEP or nothing.

I want a cushy job where I don’t really have to do anything if I don’t want to. And you really don’t want me in charge.

But I do promise to put in a hot tub at the Naval Observatory & host parties for boingers.


Katie Porter is beyond awesome. My question is why is she an outlier in Congress? Why aren’t there more Katie Porters who define their role as supporting their constituents, to seek and destroy corporate greed and self-serving lobbying, and to humiliate the political appointees who know NOTHING about how to do their jobs?

May she live long and prosper.


It seems not to work that way anymore. Despite these creeps’ destruction at her hands, Mnuchin is still Secretary of the Treasury, Carson is still Secretary of HUD, Dimon is still CEO. Their positions, wealth, and influence aren’t even under real threat, aside from a possible change in administration in 2021.

Incompetence is the new competence, crooked is honest, corruption is integrity. The most incontrovertible facts are now debatable.

Can’t post this without acknowledging that I’m being a Negative Nelly here. I love what she’s doing to these guys, and we need more of it. I’m just looking forward to it producing actual tangible results, and so far it hasn’t.


If she were made veep, she would be the most (or only?) productive veep in US history!!


I dunno, I’d give that one to Darth Cheney, though he used his powers for evil instead of good.


I get you. Look at his response to being shown for what he is.

when Carson asked one of his staffers to deliver a peace offering of a package of Oreo cookies to her office, the former law professor was not amused.

“That was his response?” she recalled, still aghast. “To send me cookies and post a picture of himself eating a cookie? Have all the Oreos that you need to feel refreshed and ready to dig into the material, but I still need answers.”

She’s right in reacting with outrage. That wasn’t a “peace offering”, that was a gesture of contempt. That’s Carson saying “Yeah, I’m completely unqualified for this cabinet post, but I’m still here and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


Despite reading a lot of US news via Flipboard, and especially via boingboing, I still get misled by the Rep meaning either Republican or Representative, although it’s usually clarified at some point, still makes it difficult to parse, so thanks for making that point.


You’ve got that right! :vulcan_salute:t3: