Rep. Keller (PA) urges governor Tom Wolf to rescind shutdown order

From what I’ve seen the nation of Italy is not currently mourning its economy. The nation is mourning its dead and living in fear for its sick and soon-to-be sick.


god damn fucking republicans. fuck them. fuck that party. fuck their voters. I genuinely wish corona could target political affiliation.


Let me guess, he wants to point out to his supporters that he tried to free his constituents to spread the virus and resist big gubmint control. :roll_eyes:

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Man if you can find out what makes Fred Keller tick, I’d imagine there’s just multiple hamster wheels in his head going at once. There doesn’t seem to be any sense in what he does or transparency.


We won’t really respond to this until we have made Italy look like a walk in the park.


And somehow, Iran isn’t even mentioned in all our “civilised” media.

Only very slightly exaggerating.


Moloch demands sacrifice.

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Philly’s curve is showing the faintest signs of slowing, with cases doubling every 2 to 3 daysinstead of every 1 to 2 days. [@anna_orso]

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Erie County continues fighting to flatten the curve; Is social distancing paying off?

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