Chris Christie says losing 3,000 humans lives every day to Covid-19 is a fair price to protect the economy

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Chris Christie says losing 3,000 humans lives every day to Covid-19 is a fair price to protect the economy

You first, Chris.


What I don’t understand is how and why anyone thinks losing this many lives and exponentially more to a disease that is currently running rampant will… Stop the economy from failing somehow. The economy isn’t going back to the before times. That ship sailed and everyone onboard has been exposed to the coronavirus.


Yeah, what these ‘leaders’ don’t seem to understand is that families reeling from medical bills and funeral costs, or dealing with permanent disability of their primary breadwinners are not going to be out buying cars and spending a lot of money. Many people will never financially recover, and several of the corporate welfare sectors are going to be depressed for years: oil, travel, even healthcare (which is watching their profits evaporate), and big Pharma (who are being forced to invest in cures for a disease that won’t be around for long if they are successful).

There is no going back to normal. Labor has an unprecedented opportunity to flex its muscle for higher minimum wage and safety enforcement, and that will change the cost structure of everything. The food supply may well be permanently changed as well.

This ship is not turning around before November, especially given that we may not see enough of a lowering of the curve to even have a second peak. It’s all going to be a rising wave until something happens to stop the rise. That 3000 lives a day will take us to close to half a million dead by November at least, unless people wise up or are forced to stay home by severe shortages.


And this is why his Lt Gov lost the election so easily.


I hear Alex Jones is looking for neighbors…


That soulless blowhard should be happy. In times gone by he loved closing public beaches so he could hog them for himself. /s


…and he’s hungry. Christie when prepared well and leftovers are dealt with can last the entire summer.


just when i hoped he had crawled back under his rock for good.


Wait, we don’t need Christie in Austin. Can we send Alex Jones to New Jersey? Nah, too cruel. No state deserves that.

(sigh) I hear island construction is a thing now. Hey, China, wanna make this up to us? I wonder how far out to sea they can build them. :thinking:


Chris Christie in 2015: “All lives matter.”

“I want the Black Lives Matter people to understand: Don’t call me for a meeting,” he said, according to The New Jersey Star-Ledger. “You’re not getting one.”

“I think all lives matter,” Christie added during a town hall at Mickey’s Country Café in Bettendorf, Iowa.


As a New Jersey resident I would have to protest. We have enough toxic waste dumped in our state. We don’t need more.


I would like someone to ask Christie how many daily deaths he thinks would be too many to “protect the economy.” I’m betting there’s no limit, as long as it’s not him.


Let him pay it, then.


I think there only needs to be two. The President and VP. They are both massive impediments to the recovery of the economy.


This pandemic has the potential to go on for a really long time, and most of what we’re doing now is unfortunately just prolonging the pandemic.

Sure, people are tired of the restrictions, tired of stores being closed, stressed at losing their jobs or businesses or homes, but “re-opening the economy” will just expand the spread of the disease, and six months from now nothing will have changed.


So, this was the guy who in the Ebola scare a few years back, illegally detained and quarantined medical workers returning from Africa because we had to be safe?


Many things in your post, but that one is erroneous. This virus is going to stick around more likely than not. It is a human virus now. Also, even when we reach heard immunity, we will have parts of society which will be susceptible. Additionally, immunity after Corona virus infections usually lasts for some time, but isn’t life-long. Estimates given are about five years, maybe. And the jury is still out on the question if you can get re-infections (with much lower symptoms) even shortly after being sick, which would probably be an additional guarantee that this would be sticking around.


That was a whole different level of threat. Why, under President Obama’s mismanagement the Ebola pandemic ultimately claimed the lives of almost three Americans.


Remember when Team America had the bad guys plan 9/11 times 100?