Trump, on why coronavirus task force is ending now: 'It'll be a flame, and we'll put the flame out.' (?)

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“We can’t keep our country closed for the next 5 years” — Trump


Trump: Good work, everybody! We’ll call you back if we ever have another fire.

Fire Chief: But sir, we still haven’t put out this fire. There’s still an inferno engulfing the whole wing and it’s making its way toward the gas main.

Trump: Look, we can’t keep the building closed forever. You guys head home and we’ll deal with the problem if it ever comes back.

Fire Chief: It never left, sir. It’s getting worse by the minute.

Trump: Geez, you sound just like my janitorial staff did before they burned to death.


four years later now the thing that kills me (hopefully not literally) is that trump is the piece of garbage human being exactly as advertised, lying and saying anything he wants to “make the sale”, now he just has insane presidental powers but it’s the same corrupt approach to everything he’s always done, no surprises

but what I cannot grasp no matter how hard I try, is the 45% or so that will still support and vote for him, even after the past few months, it just is beyond my understanding of humanity

even the so-called republicans who are swearing they will vote for Biden, they are searching for that excuse not to, come election day I do not trust them in the voting booth, they are going to give themselves permission that it “won’t be that bad” vote again for trump

if Biden does somehow stay alive and get elected (I mean wow have you seen him lately) republicans are going to immediately turn and pounce on him 48 hours later, absolutely see it coming, watch torture defender Nicolle Wallace turn on Biden the day after the election


Jesus Christ.

“We can’t keep our country closed for the next five years.”

But wait, that doesn’t make sense - just the other day, Trump promised that there would be a vaccine by the end of the year! If that were true, why would we need to close things down beyond that? Don’t tell me he doesn’t even believe his own statements! I’d be shocked! (shocked, etc.)

Of course, the claim was part of a meaningless word-salad that passes for a press conference these days. Trump said something about how the virus would go away - and how it might come back - but it would go away. But he managed to say it in a way that was even more meaningless. And his statement about the vaccine seemed like a solid claim but was totally meaningless with the total lack of qualifiers or details - there are vaccines now. Doesn’t mean they work, doesn’t mean they won’t kill you, doesn’t say anything about how long it’ll take to manufacture and distribute them if they do work safely.

Out of all the gibberish coming from Trump, one thing is becoming clear - this administration has given up on dealing with the virus. Having failed to do anything, they won’t be doing anything more.

If I survive the pandemic, I fear that Trump getting a second term will non-metaphorically kill me.


And will he be disbanding Jared’s shadow task force?


Come back in the fall?

It hasn’t left!!

Basically it started to rain, we put up the umbrella, we didn’t get as wet as we thought we would if we had no umbrella, and now its time to lower the umbrella because the rain isnt as heavy as it was. Sure, we will get a little wet still, but its just a little wet.


I look at it this way regarding his supporters.
They are people who think that “reality” (unscripted) TV is real.
They don’t think of things that happen to other people as serious.

When they hear this asshat say something stupid they (like in a sitcom that
isn’t funny) say to themselves and others; “that’s our president.”


I think he might think in old testament terms. Like in “first of all, burn your daughter mother as an offering to some invisible supreme being, and then you put the flame out.”


Except in this situation, the rain is the heaviest it’s been so far. The goal-posts keep shifting - first, insist the umbrella wasn’t needed because it was just a heavy mist and not real rain; then the umbrella was used because there was undeniably rain, but at least it wasn’t ever going to be raining heavily; then it started raining heavily and we’re putting away the umbrella because it’s not hailing. Of course, we’re already pretty wet because the guy holding the umbrella can’t figure out how to operate it*…

*Man, it’s weird when a metaphor accidentally becomes literally true - we’ve got a president who literally can’t operate an umbrella, after all.


He can take that flame and shove it up his fucking asshole. Maybe the strictures from the burn scars will close it off so we’ll never have to hear his whiny lying voice again.


If Trump were ever put in a Binding of Isaac situation he would go ahead and kill his son, regardless of any messengers from god who are trying to stop him.


Which one? And what about the girls?

Oh, don’t answer that.


Why not all?


Tight, packed, campaign rallies. Maybe not large numbers, because not everyone will drink the flavor-aid, but packed for the cameras. Jonestown in slow motion.


The big difference, of course, being that for Isaac, killing his kid meant something. For Trump… well, if it’d get him out of some money troubles or buy better ratings, he wouldn’t hesitate.


Knowing how he believes flames are fought, now is the time to invest in brooms.


He’s raking the forrest before the election.


This seems to be the attitude of a lot of the country lately: dealing with the virus is boring and stressful and hard, and it’s been, like, months now, so it’s gotta be over, right? The idea of a hardship that doesn’t just go away on its own is confusing for a lot of people. The goddamn leader of the country should not be one of those people.