Replica of 2001: A Space Odyssey's HAL 9000 powered by Amazon Alexa


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Take my money.


Alexa does sound a (very) tiny, tiny bit like SAL-9000, but…


Daisy… Daisy.
Give me your $549.99


Does no one else remember how that movie ended?


Sadly, Alexa doesn’t sound anything like Douglas Rain.

She does in spirit. She does in spirit.


Yes! Astronaut Bowman got to live his 1st life out in a really swanky, inter-dimensional, 5-star, luxury hotel, then was gloriously brought back as a fresh new baby – Star Baby! – who got to look down on cruddy ol’ Earth.



It integrates an Amazon Fire tablet and Echo?

I’m sorry, Jeff - I can’t buy this.


Poor Gary Lockwood, though. He didn’t even get to appear in any of the sequels.


Wasn’t he the ‘stiff’ riding in Musk’s 'vette?


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Not the very end; but the part you quoted earlier.

Seriously though; not any more than I would buy or play with one of these:



Not sure what that last thing is.


You’ve never seen Hellraiser?


Nope. I have not.


Ah well, then… here’s a hint;


It never ends well, not for anyone.



If the nails-in-the-head thing does the number on my migraines I’d be tempted.


I don’t think that’s your run of the mill acupuncture, there.

Besides IIRC, only Pinhead got that particular treatment; each cenobite’s ‘body-mod torture’ was different.