Report from CES in 1997: Among the Sex Machines


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Just as an FYI there is an Ultra Vixen 2…that’s what I have, uh you know heard…


When you sign in to that game the second time, you should find yourself in the position of the girl, experiencing what you played in the first round.


I’d like to play as the aliens who decide to scrap humankind for monetizing emotional degeneration.


my eyes are watering for a different reason…humans, eh? smdh


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

(not sure how to complete the original French)


Why would you imagine aliens would be less depraved than us? Dolphins, and chimpanzees might as well be alien sentients. You know what kind of shit they get up to?



Well that’s new to me.


David Foster Wallace did a piece about the AVNs in 98. It’s a good read. Someone told me about, so I hunted it down here.


Pour one out for DFW. God damn that man could write.


Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.


Yeah well, I still jerk off manually.


“Course you do!”


Solid point.

Yeah, I didn’t mean this commodification of sex is depraved. It’s kinkiness is actually pretty restrained. It’s the total and absolute disconnect between the sad mechanical emotional state of the person using the “game” and the sleazy scripted sales tactics aimed at the emotional philistines. Fish markets elicit more passion.


Merci beaucoup


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