Report: Military coup topples Egypt's Morsi

At Gawker, Max Read gathers accounts from Twitter and elswhere about the unfurling chaos in Cairo: "The Army is said to have placed a travel ban on Morsi and other members of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Tahrir Square, the huge anti-Morsi protest that spurred the Army to act continues; elsewhere, Muslim Brotherhood party members and… READ THE REST

Does this mean a role for El-Baradei?

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Meanwhile, some of the Egyptian public would like a word with the USA:

I think they should have also mentioned the US media and all those Americans who follow it and kept getting convinced that the Arab Spring was “over” just because they can’t think beyond one or two news cycles.

You know, the same type naysayers that keep saying #OCCUPY is “over” because they have the long-term thinking of a gnat.


TV stations being shut down, journalists arrested, political allies of Morsi being arrested. This is getting interesting…

Coming on the eve of our own Independence Day, I guess we should feel grateful that our government, no matter how dumb and screwed up it usually seems, is really actually pretty good in the grand scheme of things.

We’re (sort of relatively kind of maybe) okay with our own citizens, but one of the worst offenders with other countries’ citizens.

Increasingly becoming more and more like Big Brother, no matter who is in power… not good, not good.

So replace a unpopular/bad government with a military coup… not sure thats better for long term stability.

Is stability a good thing if the thing that’s stable is a repressive theocracy?

Why does the only option seem to be authoritarian military dictatorships (Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, Assad, to a lesser extent the old Turkish army-enforced secular governments), and authoritarian theocratic ones (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Erdoğan, Hamas)? (I’m sure I simplify, but you get my drift…)?

Why isn’t there a ‘Life’s too short, let’s all be tolerant; I won’t tell you how to live your life if you don’t tell me how to live mine’ Party? (and if there is, why don’t people vote for them?).

I think you might be over simplifying things a bit. Respect for democratic principles has little to do with economic policy. A capitalist and a socialist can agree on the basics of democracy; fair elections, respecting the outcomes, remembering that you’ll need to keep the people happy if you want to keep your job.

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