Egypt calls for restraint in Ferguson




Next up: Mexico issues statement on income inequality in the US.


Heh. What goes around comes around.



The kettle may not be as big, but it’s just as black.


I am glad the irony is not lost


It’s Egypt’s way of saying “One uf us!”.


As far as the picture caption goes (I assume from the artwork it’s The Economist?), US law requires the US government to cut off military aid if there’s a military coup. And Obama’s administration has decided that just because the military there violently overthrew an elected government, that doesn’t count as a “coup”, because the US didn’t like Morsi’s government anyway.


I’ll say this for hypocrites; at least they’re half right.


Top tip; if you’ve ever got into a situation where even mockingly, statements like this can be made (and with justification), you’ve severely fucked up. Sort your shit out so it doesn’t happen again.


If they all keep talking this way, maybe it’ll enventually sink in…

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