I'm pretty sure this is what a revolution looks like

This terrifies me. When the gun nuts talk about “defense against tyranny”, this is what they’re talking about- An honest to god occupying army marching through the streets of an American city to put down peaceful protesters.

Stuff like this is happening in multiple cities- I honestly don’t see how this isn’t something that ends in massive bloodshed on both sides. I mean, historically- When things look like this, what usually happens?


#Holy Fucksocks.


Well, there’s a few ways this can go. But fortunately there are plenty of examples in history within our country and others (think Apartheid South Africa) where tyranny has been defeated without resorting to full fledged civil war. I suggest you read up on the activism of Desmond Tutu.

Also, this “putting down of peaceful protesters” is unquestionably bad and the department needs to be held to account, but it’s nowhere near the worst abuse by authorities in our country’s history (nobody got shot, no firehoses or dogs) and we’ve generally been able to eventually make progress in these kinds of situations (arc of history bends toward justice and all that) without resorting to massive bloodshed. If you look at a video like this and get mad, that’s good. It might motivate you to get active in your community and to let your government representatives know that they need fix this if they want to keep their jobs. But if your reaction is “that situation would have been much improved if people had defended themselves from those tyrants with lethal force” I really have to disagree.


Jesus Baton Rouge, is there some kind of prize for Worst Use of Police Power that you guys are competing for?


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