CHP patrolman videoed beating homeless black woman by roadside



How many of these have to happen before people rise up en masse and stop it?


Someone or some group has to make the cops scared. If there is no accountability, the only answer is showing the cops they can be attacked too.


A heck of a lot more unfortunately, since most of us in the United States have something to lose. Considering that even videotaping this kind of act until very recently could have sent you, the videographer to jail, there is a sense of hesitation due to the US having it pretty good.

Alternatively, if it continues to be a systemic caucasian-on-minority, we may see justice in our lifetimes. ‘Minorities’, which is becoming more and more laughable as time goes on, will eventually be the super-majority. At that point, it is anyone’s guess.


Attacking cops isn’t the answer. That is just an escalation of violence. Instead, punishment and rehabilitation must fit the crime–and administrative leave isn’t either.


Correct. Maybe Google Glass DOES have a function in modern society.

EVERYWHERE A COP GOES, there should be a Glass Explorer following them, recording all the time.

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^That’s why the sentence starts with this :wink:

Angry and speechless. Throw that animal in jail!


‘‘Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.’’

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Won’t someone please think of the policeman, and start blaming the victim? What has the world come to!

On the upside, at least she wasn’t hunted down and murdered, like they did to James Boyd in Albuquerque back in March.


Let’s start a list of suggested improvements to the police system, in no particular order.

  1. The actions of police officers in uniform must be videotaped at all times while on duty, via cameras carried on their person, perhaps encorporated into their uniforms.

  2. Patrol cars need to be equipped with cameras which are always active, recording all the important angles of both the exteriors and interiors of the vehicles.

  3. It must be the responsiblity of the police officer to ensure that all equipment is operational at all times.

  4. The penalties for failing to meet the above requirements need to be severe, and applicable to everyone involved in the officer surveillance process - meaning that not only is an individual officer responsible for ensuring their own cameras are operational, but secondary parties responsible for the analysis or retention of footage after it has been collected must also ensure that such data is never “lost” or “misplaced”.

  5. Use of force must be given as little tolerance, and require as much concrete justification, as reasonably possible, and must be severely punished when deemed insufficiently justified.

Add your own ideas, folks! Change only happens when we first take the time to talk about making it happen!


Good thing she wasn’t a dog.


I think this was posted before. Anyone have other recommendations?



She’s homeless, black, and female.

Obviously asking for it.


This is being cast by at least the one person quoted in the OP as “Rodney King II”

Since the 1992 Los Angeles riots took place over 20 years ago, some who are posting in this thread may not remember them.

The “police brutality incident” referred to in the snip above is the beating of Rodney King.

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Family values: destroy everyone I am scared of who is not my nuclear family. The “tough on crime” police apologists are in the end the ones that cause these incidents.


Thank you for that quote. A quick search revealed that’s from his last book “Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?” and gave me something to add to the book pile. :smile:


In an ideal world yes.

But in the non-ideal world that we live in, perhaps if cops became frightened of the people en masse (more than they are currently), then perhaps an imperfect solution could be reached.

Now, the worst that a cop has to fear in this sort of situation is that he’s being recorded (and they often illegally confiscate recording devices etc…).

Imagine if every cop truly believed that if they were caught in public so flagrantly violating the trust of the public, that they would be overwhelmed with sheer numbers…

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“Protect and Serve”

Protect his small ego, and serve up ass-whuppins.

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I know it’s like asking a bear to protect you from a wolf, but the FBI needs to focus a lot more on investigating state, county, and municipal law enforcement corruption and violence. It’s actually their job. On occasion when the press coverage is great enough, you hear about them opening an investigation, but these things never go far enough or deep enough to make bad cops think they might actually be held accountable.