Watch live: massive demonstration in Egypt's Tahrir square, as Morsi regime falls

A live stream of dramatic events unfolding in Egypt today. READ THE REST

Good luck, Egypt, I hope this time around you get the government you thought you were voting for.

This makes Russian protest movement look so tiny… Do Russian people really that careless about their future?

Yes, important to remember no matter how incredibly hated Morsi is now, he was democratically elected. It’s a government not a dictatorship or a “regime”.

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You know who else came to power through established legal means?

Mike Godwin?

I’m ok with calling it a regime, if we want to call our government as well a host of other Western ones the same. He who shall not be named didn’t even win his election in the first place. From what I understand the Egyptian one was as legit as could be hoped. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t engaged in questionable actions since. I do know that this ain’t gonna go down smooth. I imagine much violence and split factions. I hope I’m wrong, The Egyptians deserve some peace, prosperity and good governance free of outside meddling.

Forces are shutting down and arresting journalists as well as politicians sympathetic to Morsi…
Yep, gonna get ugly…

It’s also important to remember how broken are the so-called democratic elections… Most of the time minority wins…

Not the case in Egypt though, no matter what you think of Morsi.

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