Report: more than a third of police forces may destroy civilian complaint records

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Why doesn’t that surprise me?


But something something reform because reforms work. Also something something comparison to the Middle Ages because American reformists set the bar real high.


Really illustrates how cops guarantee that they are treated as innocent until proven guilty. Unlike everyone else.

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They’ll be treated as innocent even if proven guilty - that’s in one of the contract clauses.


Seems like for every good cop, there are 10 bad cops. Might as well just be like Somali now.

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“More than a third of police forces are corrupt”


In San Diego, it’s especially true. Once in awhile I bump into a good one, infrequently though.

You can’t handle the truth.


“We have no record of any complaints about this policy…”


The real reason we can’t get major reforms in the ranks of US police is due to their CBAs. CBAs that are negotiated, typically, every 5 years. More sunlight needs to be shown on the contracts the police unions negotiate for their members, because it should generate tons of outrage among the citizens. Let your city leaders know how upset you are, but complain loudest to the bureaucrats after you complain to the politicians.

I am surprised: surprised it’s that low. I figured that if they kept any of the complaints it was in the “people to take down” file.

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Maybe they’re not really that bad, they’re just annoyed that you keep bumping into them.

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There’s a pattern forming, and every new detail further illustrates a near-total lack of accountability.

This is the status quo.

Reform of such a powerful institution,especially when it retains strong support from ~half the population, will not come easy

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