Report: next Mobile Safari to facilitate ad-blocking

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No flash no ads, sounds like Apple is stepping up their security game.
Ad networks are one of the primary ways malware is spread today. I’m no fan of Apple but I applaud them for this move.
As for sites that rely on ad revenue, sorry but that’s the breaks. The world does not have to operate according to your business model.


I’m just quoting this because it needs to be said over and over. That goes especially for the whiners running the shakedown operation that is adblock plus (If you’re still using ABP, μblock is a good alternative. Less resource intensive, and doesn’t have the “whitelist” anti-feature).

Of course, this is also another play in the battle between apple and google. This gives you a reason to choose the ios ecosystem over android, and cuts into google’s revenue stream from apple devices. Your move, mountain view.

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For Android users, Lightning Browser has built-in ad blocking.

Edit: oops, looks like the paid version,Lightning Browser + , is the one with adblock.

Source code is here: Releases · anthonycr/Lightning-Browser · GitHub

I use Ghostery, with GhostRank (the data send option) turned off. However, lately there’s been a hidden feature in Firefox (alpha) called ‘Tracking Protection’ that’s in alpha that appears to supersede it quite well.

The wave is coming.

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