Reported U.S. airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Iraq coincide with Pompeo tweet about 2019 bombing of U.S. embassy in Baghdad

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Another steaming turd left on the oval office desk for Biden ~


In other news, violent protestors attacked the Capitol, and…crickets.

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Well you know, the guys defending the Capitol didn’t manage to defend the compound and one of them even got himself killed. Losers. No parades or ‘unsung hero’ tweets for them. /s

More interestingly, as best one can tell the attackers in Baghdad had no intention of entering the main compound and didn’t even try to.

The security forces in the embassy withdrew into the main compound, the attackers roamed around the rest of the site until their leaders told them to withdraw. The ‘fighting them off’ part appears to have mostly consisted of standing on a roof keeping watch in case of an attempted breach and firing the odd bit of tear gas. Stressful but not exactly the kind of heroic last gasp defense suggested by Pompeo’s tweet.

In other words the Iraqis were able to orchestrate a violent display of protest without losing control of their mooks. Which is rather more than can be said of the Trumpists.

To be fair to the security at the Capitol, leaving aside the perimeter breach which is not exactly their fault given they were denied the kind of resources they thought were necessary, they pretty much did exactly the same as the guys in Baghdad.

They secured the people they were supposed to protect and hunkered down until reinforcements arrive or the attackers get bored, hungry or tired and wander off.

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