Rocket falls in Northern Iraq near Balad air base which houses US troops

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I still can’t tell if Iran keep deliberately missing with all these rocket attacks, or they’ve just been inaccurate/unlucky.

Either way, I heard one Iranian politician was suggesting that they threaten to blow up some Trump properties, and I think that’s the much better response. They don’t actually have to do anything - as long as they only make credible threats, Trump has nothing to react to, but still no one wants to be on Trump properties and he suffers.


I am 99% sure its deliberate. For internal political reasons they have to be seen to respond, but they know that successfully chucking something at Uncle Sam will result in a more than commensurate response.


The Iranians are demanding that the Americans produce their evidence.

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I thought so too, but then I read that some rockets did hit base buildings, but they had just been evacuated so no one got hurt, which… complicates things. (Did Iran know they could/would be evacuated, and that was part of the calculation?) I guess either way they’re still deliberately engaging in a fairly low-intensity response.

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You know it would be really useful if Iran had someone who could take charge of these Shia militias and keep them under control. /s

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