Iran admits it unintentionally shot down passenger jet

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I am old enough that this seems like a tragic mirror-image repeat of the shooting down of Iran Air flight 655 by the USS Vincennes.


The idea that they were allowing planes to take off hours after a shooting skirmish with the US seems mind-blowingly nuts to me. What a shame, and yes, I feel that the US shares in the culpability of this tragedy.


Make no mistake, this admission was an act of de-escalation.

Let’s hope cooler heads prevail and we can put all this killing behind us.


It was thought to be a cruise missile, he said, describing the crash as an "unforgivable mistake.

I’m perfectly willing to assign blame where it is due - this never would have happened if asshole trump did not ramp up tensions by killing what’s his name. Shithead.


OK, well now we know. I’m so wary of online speculation, but this is conclusive.


The luckiest moment of trump’s regime. I think he even began to understand the gravity and potential consequences of what he did, which is shocking in and of itself; at least that’s how I read his “Iran is standing down” gibberish moments after they bombed US troops. We all just dodged a warhead-sized bullet.


You don’t have to go back to Vincennes. USA kills civilians on a regular basis in Afghanistan, striking funerals, weddings, any kind of situation where people gather and some fool sitting back in USA decide it might be terrorists. How often do USA admit guilt and apologize?


Iran sounds like The Regime That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. If they start holding funerals for the victims, this whole thing could spiral out of control.

Great Mayday / Air Crash Investigation episode on that one, and a great discussion on ”Mission fulfillment syndrome.”


They admitted they were lying?? That means Iran’s leadership is more honest than our own U.S. Republicans.

But hey, at least we have half a wall; immigrant kids are properly caged; health, safety, labor, and environmental regulations have been tossed aside; a deficit higher than anyone can comprehend; and all the guns and ammo we can hoard. Go us.



Fortunately, they shot very straight with most of their recent rockets.


" They admitted they were lying?? That means Iran’s leadership is more honest than our own U.S. Republicans."

Lying is nonpartisan for US politicians. Democrats do it, too.
This reflects both human nature and the blinding effects of herd behavior/team loyalty.


Or just the efforts of those in power to maintain their power.


And they may even punish the perpetrators, unlike some other nations…


Sorry, but the current regime has elevated lying to a quantity that is orders of magnitude above any other set of U.S. politicians in the last century. And they’ve perfected the art of the denial, honing the edge razor sharp using Fox’s propaganda machinery.

They’re also really good at sowing confusion using the “they do it too” tactic. If that were a valid argument, we wouldn’t have a different set of punishments for grand larceny vs. petty larceny. The Republicans have stolen trillions of dollars from the future, yet they hold up a picture of a minority and say “hate her, she’s a welfare queen, stealing your money!”

And this isn’t simply team loyalty - not at the top. Loyalty is just one of their weapons. This is a calculated plan to commit theft and fraud at unimaginable scale: literally 100,000 times larger than the largest bank robbery in US history.

So don’t say “they do it too.” Because it’s not true.


I read @simonize’s comment as comparing it to the more specific circumstance of the time a commercial airliner was mistaken for a cruise missile and shot down by incompetent US military.

Of course the US never formally apologized for shooting down Air Flight 655, and the ship and crew of the USS Vincennes were even given the sort of medals normally given for combat, even though their “combat” was the accidental murder of 290 innocent civilians not in a theater of war and in waters of another nation where the Vincennes was trespassing.

Regan sort of half-halfheartedly said he was sorry to a reporter once and Bush senior spent the rest of that administration and his own election campaigns flexing that he wasn’t an “apologize for America” kind of guy, alluding to if not directly addressing that single slip of humanity from his predecessor.

Seriously, unfuck those people.


Read up on Clinton’s lies when he bombed the largest pharmaceutical factory in Sudan. According to Clinton they had found a banned chemical only used for making chemical weapons in a soil sample from outside the heavily guarded factory.

In reality, the chemical wasn’t banned, notoriously easy to mistake in chemical analysis, the area where it had supposedly been collected was paved, the factory was build with foreign assistance, had foreign employees and was often shown to visiting dignitaries. I probably missed a few lies there. To really show his contempt for international laws, Clinton managed to block an investigation of the site afterwards.

It’s simply that when people get too powerful, accountable to no one, they do whatever the f*k they want. Just like Trump, Clinton needed a diversion from impeachment hearings.


All three!

Read up on what Trump said in the last hour…on any given day.

We can also add using the DOJ and Dept of Treasury to deliberately stonewall Congressional investigations and working with the Senate Majority leader to rig the impeachment trial.

The 2018 Tax plan is a theft from working people on a scale that makes every bank robbery in the last 5 decades look like shoplifting penny candy.