Reports confirm Donald Trump's dad was arrested at Klan rally, and that those arrested were "berobed"

Context: people were much more racist back in the 20’s.

Result: shrug.


Well you’re proving my point on why knowing history is important. While racism was certainly part of what is known as the 2nd Klan era, the reason it got so big and why it actually got popular in the North was their attacks on Catholics and Immigrants (and the worst, Catholic immigrants) as well as making it a Fraternal order like the Masons.

It is another illustration of people being swept up into scapegoating a group for problems they can’t control. Many people probably don’t think they can be part of something terrible, and don’t see it at the time, but things are more clear with the passage of time.


So what you’re saying is the Fred Trump of the '20s would probably have enthusiastically been caught up in the nativist-racist-Know-Nothing orgy that is his son’s campaign.


I’ve asked my father for help many, many times. I’ve helped him when I can. Still, I would hate for anybody to assume that he and I share the same values. Up until around age 14, I probably did. After that, our beliefs and values have diverged in many, many ways. I think DJT deserves the benefit of the doubt. Judge him on his words and his values, not his father’s.

After all, if his Dad was practically a saint, would you ease up on the son?


Just now?


Yeah but you’re not running for preznit. What if you were, and you and your dad both espouse(d) what amount to white supremacist, quasi-Nazi values?


Totally out of context.
Fred Trump was wearing a lounging robe.
With a sophisticated paisley pattern on the inner lining.
Smoking a pipe.
And on each arm was a lovely young lass, with a shapely figure, and a look about her that said, quality.

The man was ahead of his time.


See I think this is easy. My father and I do not share the same values. I find that that statement rolls right off my tongue and I have demonstrated it through my words and actions for at least a decade now. No one can doubt that. With Trump, we very much and very rightly doubt that this is that case.

Mindy Kaling’s brother is a dick, and she came out and said as much. It’s really not that hard, people. Even if you’re close to your family, saying you have different values and demonstrating your values isn’t exactly dark high sorcery.


What if you were, and you and your dad both espouse(d) what amount to white supremacist, quasi-Nazi values?

What I say should matter, what my dad says less so.

Again, I ask what if Trump’s pop was an amazing and saintly individual with a long history of helping those in need? If that were the case, would you be more forgiving of DJT?

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Yeah, but there’s every sign that Donald has always idolized Pops and modeled himself in his old man’s image.

I can’t find the quote, but a couple months ago and interviewer asked him was his dad would think of his running for president, and Donald proudly said, I’m sure he would’ve allowed it.

He invites the side-by-side side comparison, just as much as he invites the side-eye.


Indeed, I understand that National Socialism was very popular in German during the 1930’s. but membership drop off sharply after 1945.


That’s like judging population by the city center, not the metro area. When you count the entire Republican party, it’s yuuuge.



The Trump campaign says this was a typo. The word was “Brobed.” It was all a frat prank.


That’s what everyone is doing, and would you look at that - they bear more than a passing resemblance to his father’s views. Shocking, I know.


At the very least the 2nd Klan’s heavy focus on anti-immigrant American nationalism is a little telling no? This was the clan’s peak and their focus wasn’t as limited to anti-black mentalities and white supremacy as the latter clan would be come the Civil Rights era. The Klan of old man Trump’s day was heavily anti-semetic. Anti-immigrant. Anti-Catholic. And anti-Irish. Among other things.

What’s the defining thing about Donny Drumpf again? OH YEAH a populist nationalism based on anti-immigration policies wrapped up in ethnic and religious biases. There’s a similarity there right? And I’ve often though that particular ideology contributed in certain ways to the Klan’s popularity at the time.

Well the point is they weren’t really much a fringe group given their size. But a bit more importantly they weren’t just hardcore racists. They were into all sorts of other bigotry that seems to be repeating itself.

IIRC in some of those early discrimination suites over housing. Both Trump and his Father were the defendants. In other words the Son was directly involved in the sins of the Father. Enough to get legally slapped down for them.


I believe that you are correct.

Despite what he may claim, Trump’s “relationship " with " the Blacks” has always been abysmal.

Ditto with women, Latinos, etc.


My question is: were those robes bespoke?


B-but… Robert Byrd?? Hillary is the real racist? Why won’t anyone believe me?!


Well, if that’s the case, then this is less of a history lesson, and more closely tied to current events :slight_smile: