Reports of shots fired at downtown Dallas rally


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There is no silver lining


Guys - It’s seriously not American gun culture. We swear.



(My reaction upon hearing the news. Grumbled in a sardonic, hopeless way.)


A quick glance at Twitter shows that the majority of people are immediately and gleefully using this to justify their racism and directly blame the Black Lives Matter movement and President Obama. I’m going to hold off on any assumptions as to the race or motivation of the shooter until more information is available, but this doesn’t bode well for anyone except racists, who now feel they somehow have the moral high ground and are pissing themselves in rapture at finally, finally having a solid, real threat they can point at.


Maybe someone read an IDF opinion piece and is adopting a 25:1 position.


There is nothing good that can come of this, no matter who the shooter is.


What if it was Wayne LaPierre?


While I’m sure the NRA and it’s apologist’s will once again assume a victim stance I really do wonder just how many more fucking guns our nation needs. This shit scares the hell out of me. We’re primed for a revolution and one political mindset is armed to the teeth. The extreme right wingers have pumped up fear and loathing to the point that rational people of differing view points can’t communicate. I came of age when JFK was shot in Dallas and I watched the world I thought I was moving into get more and more trigger happy. I sure as hell hope I’m not seeing a replay of more decline starting in Dallas once again.


And I’m moving to Dallas next month…great.


What the motherfucking fuck shit stack is fuck shit.

Sorry, stuff like this triggers my Tourettes.


It was nice knowing you… I’m going to the Amazon River/Jungle in Peru in August…it’s far more civilized.

PS please be safe


So, it hasn’t changed their arguments in any substantial way, then?


Admittedly, no, not really. But, much like Trump’s nomination, it’s sure giving them a lot of confidence that it’s acceptable to spew their racist hatred proudly and belligerently.



Are you really re-writing the blurb at top as you get updates? And which way in time are we moving with the added linked content ( let’s just call that merely technical for now)? Somehow i expected… better.


Remember the rules everybody:

  1. it’s only terrorism if the shooter turns out to be Muslim.
  2. The second amendment only applies to white people.
  3. Everyone in america is created equal, but police officers are more equal than others.


If I wasn’t extremely white I’d be seriously reconsidering.

The fact that I could type that completely sincerely is all kinds of awful


Odd… I have always imagined you as somewhat greenish