Reports: Prince was addicted to Percocet, had opioids on person and at home when he died

Well, we decided to stop the drug because he already had a impacted bowel issues and we felt as if he was struggling even more with the drug. He actually had to have an enema.

This is the reason why I avoid pain medication, and I’ve been fortunate in this regard. Once, I broke my leg (fibula) and I took one vicodin immediately and then one after when I had the surgery a week later. I still got constipated. Grrr.


My mom’s like that. Be sure to warn the anesthesiologist if she has to have surgery. It takes a week or so for my mother to recover from a bare minimum dose of general anesthesia.

At one time Ponstel was effective against my migraines, but I became immune to it eventually.


I figured out after being on tramadol for YEARS that I can’t sleep with it in my system. The best I can do is sleep limbo. So like an idiot I would take it at night, sleep limbo for 6-8 hrs, and maybe get 2 or 3 hours of real sleep.

I also find them rather unpleasant and can’t imagine ever wanting them without severe pain. I took vicodin once for a really bad toothache since I couldn’t get to a dentist until the next day, and while it worked for the pain I found the experience very annoying and I actually found it harder to sleep. Can’t believe people actually enjoy that.


The sleeplessness is a very common side effect.

As for enjoyment… you have to be pretty hard up to use vicodin for anything other than release from pain. Mad Dog is cheaper.


To be fair, Mad Dog is cheaper than nearly anything.


I tried a “bottle of wine a night” pain management plan. Didn’t last very long…

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I have CNCP, so I’ve run into this problem before. In fact, it’s so problematic that it is the first concern I have when it comes to considering moving and actually had to turn down a very lucrative job with a Silicon Valley darling because I couldn’t verifiably find a pain management Dr within the time window they had given me to decide if I wanted to take the job or not. I simply cannot just move and HOPE that I can find a Dr. when I get there.

I would recommend:

  • Search the intertubes for other CNCP / chronic pain patients in your area who are posting on SM and reach out to them to see if they will tell you who they are using, then check if their pain management doctors are accepting new patients
  • Check for pain mgmt. specialists in your area. While it is becoming much more limited, I am seeing that some Dr’s are stepping up to fill the void the DEA created in the late 90’s / early 00’s when they started targeting Dr’s directly.
  • Ask your family Dr who is refusing to oversee your pain management to recommend someone – typically a Dr (at least one with a soul) won’t leave you high/dry as that equates to doing harm (sometimes you have to remind them of that tho)
  • It may also help to be frank with your Dr in that you appreciate the fact that they are afraid of managing your pain due to the added risk that creates for them and their livelihood due to DEA policies, as they can be held criminally liable if you are found to be abusing your Rx in any way/shape/form and can easily lose their license to practice medicine.

Good luck!



I’m glad to hear not everyone is scared away. I was worried it was turning into a death spiral where doctors refusing to deal with it result in the fewer doctors remaining having to prescribe more and more which makes them more vulnerable to DEA targeting which leads to less doctors which means the remaining ones have to prescribe even more…

Not everyone, but with capitalism where there is a gap invariably someone will step in to fill it, but the death spiral of which you speak is still a definite possibility.

I verbally groaned when they added opioids to The Artists death because the last thing those of us with legitimate Rx’s need is another high profile OD.

How on earth anyone can consider this a criminal problem and not a medical problem is beyond my ability for comprehension.


I also get no euphoria from opioids, but I do get itchy and forget to breathe. Ug. Just thinking about it is making me itchy.

Yes, I itch a lot, but I think some of it is caused also by the tumors under the skin, because there are certain spots that itch alot.

I rub my leg with a massager and that disrupts pain and itching.

From the bleeping article, if you’d bothered to read it, instead of mindlessly repeating something you read in a comment section somewhere:

A million people endlessly repeating something they know nothing about still equals a grand total of zero knowledge about something.


Thank you so bleeping much. I was misinformed and I most certainly apologize for enraging you through my ignorance.


In most of the world codeine is available OTC because you cannot overdose on codeine alone (look it up). The acetaminophen thing is evil in its purist form. It’s literally only there to kill people who need increasingly higher doses.


Yup, welcome to “modern medicine” in the US. Dominated by jackass “Christians” who prescribe their judgements upon you before they actually do their friggin’ jobs even a little.


Mutant reporting in. I can’t swear I’m immune to opioids but I was prescribed percocet once when I had my wisdom teeth out. I took it twice. Got nauseous both times (and no pain relief). And I am definitely immune to most OTC pain killers.

Ibuprofen works. Somewhat. I assume aspirin works but I’m not quite willing to apply the scientific method. Nothing else does anything to me so I mostly ride out the pain so I don’t lose the ability to benefit from the one thing that definitely works … even a little.

Not to worry people but the nicest times in my life were the times I had broken bones. Most of the migraine stuff and joint pain went away until the bones had healed sufficiently not to drown out all the other pain.

Another mutant’s story involving surgery. They gave him percocet and ibuprofen. The percocet didn’t do anything. He said so and asked for something different. They said “we can’t give you anything stronger.” He said, “No, not stronger. Different. This does nothing for me.” They shrugged and said “we can’t give you anything stronger.”

He went off percocet (stayed on the ibuprofen) and the only difference was he could feel pain in his tailbone.

I imagine they were just happy to have fewer opioids issued on their tally. Which is a miserable way to practice medicine.


How about thc?


So, the doctor I mentioned upthread who gave me Zoloft and Ambien without a prescription or any warnings or documentation? A few months later I went in and asked for a routine STD test. She asked why I would want such a thing and I said “because I’ve been sexually active and want to be tested.” She asked if my partners were male or female and I said “exclusively male.” She turned bright red, told me to get out of her office and find a new doctor. I asked why and she said “I’m a Christian and cannot treat you. Get out of here.” I did.

I reported her and got a lawyer. My case got her fired, though she didn’t lose her license to practice.


Which Christian church doesn’t believe in the parable of the good Samaritan?