Republican congressman Steve King endorses white supremacist mayoral candidate

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Because of course he does. Is this even a factor in a Canadian election? “Pro Western Civilization” should be a HUGE red flag for anti “anyone not of WASP descent.”


What gets me is how timid these white supermen are. He doesn’t have the courage of his convictions in enough quantity to endorse one of the many openly white supremacist candidates running in the U.S. but thinks he can dog-whistle by endorsing a foreign one.


Iowans have been sending this fascist clown to the capitol since 2003. Remind me again why we pay any attention to the Iowa Caucuses?


Goldy (yes, a literal neo-Nazi) doesn’t have a hope of becoming mayor, but I’m concerned about her brand of race-baiting becoming normalized among Ford supporters.

Oh, and Steve King? Fuck off back where you came from.


I can see it already being normalised amongst those knuckleheads.


But, whatever Steve King says is sort of the opposite of an endorsement, isn’t it?


Yeah, “it’s a feature, not a bug” applies here.

Was “pro-western civilazation” ever a dog whistle? It’s an air horn.


I’m sure Canadians put a lot of stock in who foreign politicians tell them to vote for.


I’d like to think so, but apart from BoingBoing readers, I doubt that King and his reputation are widely known north of the border.


Never heard of this dufus. Frankly, I’m not enjoying being introduced to him now.


Aren’t Steve King (R[ussia] - IA) and Louie Gohmert (Retread - TX) in some sort of contest?
Biggest moran? Most racist a-hole? Dumbest m-f-er ever? Fewest braincells deployed?


She’s polling at like, 3-5%, but the polls are very sporadic and I don’t think very accurate. Most people who vote (boomers and up) don’t know who she is unless they’re racist or actively fighting against racists.

She is a non-factor here.


Not surprising. The guy was always a bigoted nazi POS. Now that we have a white supremacist in the White House, all these losers just come out of the woodwork. Trading in dogwhistle racism for airhorn racism.

“Goldy believes the white race is in the later stages of ‘ethnocide,’ in which non-white cabals are purposefully and systematically snuffing out those of the Caucasian persuasion.”

I always find this rather funny. The premise is based on the idea that racist white men are losing mating opportunities with white women to racial minorities. It is an admission to their personal sexual inadequacy.


I like to keep track of which is the dumbest person in Congress with the last name King (both of whom are in regular running for dumbest person in Congress.

On the one hand you have this jackoff, Steve King from Iowa who is one martini away from wearing a black Hugo Boss uniform and goosestepping to the podium in the Capital. Who obsesses about the musculature of illegal immigrants (look it up!)

On the other hand, you have Peter King from Long Island who spent decades raising money for the IRA to buy bombs and guns to kill civilians in the UK, and yet considers himself to be an opponent of terrorism. Also a fascist and racist and dumb as a bag of spanners.

Tough call


The 2018 Tax Plan screws over middle class to wealthy Long Island, King’s voter base. With any luck this gets enough of a backlash against him or any ® in the state.

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Wow, if this is an actual, accurate representation of the “logic” behind their argument, that is just royally pathetic, and a level of self-condemnation that should require involuntary psychiatric evaluation promptly!


The whole point of the “White Genocide” claim is that interracial marriage is somehow destroying the white race.

Its all a sexual component. Hence the use of “cuck” as a frequent epithet. (I am not going to go into detail what it is supposed to mean)

That racist white men are just not able to mate with white womenfolk. That they are losing to the ubiquity of racial minorities who just seem to be better at it. They preach segregation and ending immigration in order to level the playing field for them. Its all desperately pathetic.


The Tempest Act 5, scene 1, 181–184