Republican lawmaker Doug Cox tricked legislature into exempting "Christian" forced-labor camps from regulation

Cox snuck in the exemption because it was the christian thing to do, right?

tough love.


Might there be a federal interest here? Diversion isn’t an adjudicated sentence to my knowledge, so I’m wondering if the 13th amendment applies.

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Then that would be one of those “crisis pregnancy centers” or whatever misleading name they’re using. It only seems fair to use the same strategy in reverse

Yeah, both would be real good. Unfortunately one of the things the Trump era is teaching us is that ethics rules are more “ethics suggestions,” norms that apparently have no penalties for violating them, because seemingly up until now the entire government just ran on the honor system…

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With an unstacked SCOTUS, you’d have a great point. Unfortunately, that’s not the SCOTUS we have.

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I don’t share your airtight pessimism and besides, SCOTUS ain’t the ones who file suit.

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