Republican lawmaker Doug Cox tricked legislature into exempting "Christian" forced-labor camps from regulation


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Not that they ever regulate or inspect the programs that they are required to.


So wait, they say they wouldn’t have done it if they had known about the connection but not because of the obvious problems?

So they care about the conflict but not the con?


So: what can we do? And will it make a difference if we are not residents of the state(s) these places occupy?


You can pretty much get away with anything if you attach the term “Christian” to your organization. No need to adhere to Christian values or even have a pretense of love or charity. I have a feeling that God isn’t impressed with the religious right.


The bill’s co-sponsors say they would not have included an exemption for CAAIR if they had know about Cox’s conflict of interest.

…with a wink.


Conservative Politian
Ain’t that a Combination
Can you believe it Kids,
Duped by Religion


I think what they’re saying is, they can’t do anything about the obvious problems because they were “duped” into legislation that now shields the perpetrators, as a result of assuming that the legislator providing the input that carved out this exemption was a knowledgable and unbiased advocate. Clearly that was their first problem, of many. Interesting that a gross violation of ethics rules that resulted in terrible legislation is greeted with what amounts to s shrugging of shoulders and no consequences for the one who profited from it. Seems like a really good incentive to violate ethics rules…

“We totally didn’t know about this conflict of interest, but now that we know, we’re absolutely not going to do anything about either the legislation or the legislator. We’ll continue to have this policy, if future legislators would like to not let us know about their conflicts of interest.”

Though I think “Christian Abortion Center” would make heads explode.


Republican lawmaker Doug Cox tricked legislature into exempting “Christian” forced-labor camps from regulation

“Tricked”? Right.


They beat the Christ into you.


Unless it is in name to get people into the door, then prevent abortions by calculated lies of their capacity to perform abortions (none), withholding of necessary medical care, and deceit about their whole underlying process. All protected under the first amendment.


Cox has responded:

UPDATE, Oct. 18, 2017: After publication of this story, Cox spoke with Nomin Ujiyediin at public radio station KGOU. He denied having a conflict. “That would be like saying I couldn’t vote on anything to do with Medicaid because I’m a physician that sees Medicaid patients,” he said.

He should be fined for such an asinine comment.


Douche-bags are gonna douche, but somehow we need to stop these good ol’ boy backroom deals. We also need douche-bag detectors before we vote.


Is there no requirement in the state legislature that members have to state all their interests in a matter that is under discussion?


Mmmhmm. One would think that the conflict of interest here would either invalidate the exemption, or see Cox in front of the courts. Or both.

Both would be good.



Damn, and I have to kidnap all the ‘Christians’ I have laboring down in the pit instead of getting them sent for no effort and even getting paid for it just because I’m doing this more as a hobby than a business. Maybe it’s time to go Pro.


I want to see both Cox and this “Christian” recovery company in court, the target of a class-action lawsuit by all the people who were subjected to “treatment”.


Punishment poorly disguised as compassion. Sounds about right.


Christians excel at slavery…just sayin’